3 Classic Luxury Design Trends for Floridians

Classic Luxury Design Trends for FloridiansFlorida is the home for design lovers. The year-round sunshine and natural flora in Florida easily incorporate themselves into interior design. Many designs are based on light, bright and breezy hallmarks, and these are the things that define the Florida Style. Here are some of the classic design trends in Florida.

Natural Palettes

Natural palettes are a versatile design typical in Florida and can be used in bedrooms or living rooms to bring a vibe of relaxed sophistication. Natural palettes give endless design possibilities, and you can add with minimal effort a little more color to your design if you please. 

Classic Luxury Design Trends for Floridians

More Entertainment Space

The dining rooms are designed to have a versatile space for having quality time with others and sharing meals. Designers opt for more extended tables and slimmer chairs to accommodate more guests, and soft subtle pallets such as nudes, greens, and roses are used. In addition, the Floridians are doing the geometric makeover on furniture and minimalist style featuring Japanese influences.

Classic Luxury Design Trends for Floridians

Reclaimed Decor 

The living rooms are being decorated in a manner to illustrate the homeowner's personality and interests. This design is intended to personalize the décor. Nature and sustainable resources such as bamboo, hemp, and wool are being used in current plans. Some of the designs include; reclaimed wood flooring and furniture, geometric patterns for wall art, and area rugs. Also, Floridians use organic curves rather than harsh corners and edges in their living room design.


 Interior design trends may change every passing year, but Florida living hallmarks will always be in style. Natural lighting, a neutral color palette, geometric patterns, and organic elements tie your interior to the beautiful and inspirational environment that Florida is known for. This year, refresh your home interior with sustainable materials and Florida-inspired design elements.

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