A Closer Look at Blind Pass Beach on Sanibel

A Closer Look at Blind Pass Beach on SanibelSanibel Island has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. One of the most recognized is Blind Pass Beach. To help you get to know the island, we thought we would take you on a closer look at Blind Pass Beach. 

About Blind Pass Beach

Blind Pass Beach is the last beach you come to on the island of Sanibel as you are traveling across the island from the mainland by car. Sanibel is accessed through the Causeway on the southeast end. This is the only way to get to the island by car. It puts you at the opposite end of the island from Blind Pass Beach.

Blind Pass Beach is on the shores of Blind Pass, the man-made channel or canal that separates Sanibel Island from Captiva Island. The bridge over the pass is the only car access point to Sanibel's little sister, Captiva Island. There are beaches on both sides of the pass on each island. Blind Pass Beach is on the Sanibel side. Some call it the best shelling beach on the island and the second-best shelling beach of the two sister islands. 

There is parking at the beach, the parking lot is small and there is a fee to park. The parking lot is a small walk to the shoreline. 

"Although the beach has changed a bit due to HURRICANE IAN, there is still shells galore." -TripAdvisor review

Great Tips for Your Time at Blind Pass Beach

Bring good beach walking shoes

The sand is soft on Sanibel beaches but there are so many shells present at Blind Pass Beach that the beach is hard to walk, painful to be exact. If you do not have shoes on. It is not recommended to go barefoot, shells on bare feet are worse than small rocks. You could end up with a few small cuts. Bring at least some flip flops but make sure the soles are thicker to stand up to the shells. 

No need for a swimsuit

Though Blind Pass is amazing, it is not an ideal spot for swimming. The current produced at the mouth of the canal is strong and not a great spot for safe swimming. Wading is possible, but swimming is dangerous. 

Bring your own shade structure

There is no shade on Blind Pass Beach and no shade structures built. The sun can be brutal at certain times of day and it is always recommended to take a few minutes of sitting in the shade to have a break from the heat. If you plan to stay a while you will want to bring some sort of shade structure. Whether is it an umbrella or a shade tent, it is well worth carrying it in. You can rent shade structures if you do not have one in Sanibel. 

Grab something large to bring your shells home in

We are not kidding when we say the beach is FULL of shells. Just walking the beach you will see that the shore is almost entirely made up of small shells. The water holds the same. You could spend a whole day finding different and unique shells here. This is one of the reasons Sanibel has been nicknamed the shelling capital of the world. Just be mindful of finding a shell that is still serving as home to a marine creature. It is illegal to remove a shell from the beach that has a living creature inside. But seriously, if you love shells you could fill a large bucket full on this beach. 

Each of Sanibel's beaches has unique a special features. Take some time to enjoy them all. When you live or purchase a vacation home here you will become an expert at visiting the beaches. For more information on living on or visiting Sanibel Island please browse through our blog and community information. 

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