A New Documentary About Sanibel is Ready to View

A New Documentary About Sanibel is Ready to ViewThroughout the years there have been many budding and experienced cinematic artists creating new entertainment on Sanibel Island. There have been several different films created on the island through the years. From certain scenes of silver screen hits to small little romantic made-for-TV films and everything in between. The most recent film to take place on Sanibel is a documentary about the island itself.

About Sanibel's Latest Documentary

This documentary was produced by Swipe Market Entertainment and directed by Jaime Winterstern who is the co-founder and chief executive officer of the production company. The documentary actually began filming just one month before the hurricane came in and was set to feature people and businesses central to shelling in southwest Florida. But shortly after filming began hurricane Ian swept through Sanibel Island hitting it harder than many other places in Florida. Jan was one of the largest hurricanes in the United States history and it did quite a number on Sanibel.

The documentary holds true to its original focus as it starts with the amazing world-famous shelling available on Sanibel and the sister island of Captiva. Many integral members of the Sanibel community are featured at the beginning of the documentary including members of the Sanibel Island Chamber of Commerce. There is a feature of the history of shells and how long Sanibel has been known as a world-class destination for shelling. The documentary does shift to attention on the effects of Hurricane Ian but starts out with its original focus.

The First Screening is Scheduled

The first screening of the documentary entitled Sanibel is planned for Friday, June 28 from 3 to 6 PM at the Big Arts Center. It will be hosted by the Santa Chamber of Commerce. It is a private event that is free. There will be a Q&A session for attendees after the screening.

Though the event is private and requires a reservation anyone on the island is welcome to make a reservation by putting in an RSVP to the event before June 27 at noon. Everyone who lives on the island is encouraged to reserve a seat for the viewing. You can make a reservation online at this link.


When you arrive at the screening you will be asked to register. Registration will take place between three and 330 and the viewing of the documentary will begin at 3:30. The documentary is one hour long and at 4:30 questions will begin. It will be a very laid-back and informal process where guests can ask questions and cast and crew will be on hand as well as a representative from the Weather Channel to answer questions.

The Chamber of Commerce is excited to share this documentary with the community to showcase not only the special business of shelling on the island but also the resilience and great community that the island holds. The president of the Chamber of Commerce shared this in a local news press release:

The film starts out talking about the natural phenomenon that we have on Sanibel and Captiva, which is our world-famous shelling,” he said, explaining that chamber members are featured in it. “And not just members, but people who are engrained in our community as both business owners and residents.”

“It goes into the history of shells, how long the island has been known for shelling,” Lai added.

Then the storm hit — and the documentary shifts to the compelling way that the island pulled together.

“I think that really defines us as a community as we rebuild after Ian,” he said. “Originally about shells, it has really turned into so much more.”

Watch a Trailer for the Documentary

If you are interested in the documentary but not quite sure you want to attend the screening if you live in Sanibel or are on the island right now and available to watch check out the trailer to get a taste of what the documentary is about. You can find the trailer on Vimeo at this link: https://vimeo.com/953789312

Have Some Questions About the Film?

If you have more questions about the film like when it will be available to the public then make sure to RSVP to this event and come out and ask away. This screening is to honor the people of Sanibel and give them the first to look at the documentary plans for showing the documentary to the general public we're not shared in the press release article but will possibly be shared or asked about at the screening so it's a good idea to go if you were wondering.

The plans for public showing may be released after the screening process. If you miss the screening keep checking back with the production company on their plans. 

If you are hoping to learn more about Sanibel Island both its history and its current condition and plans for continuing recovery from the hurricane please stick with our blog and check in frequently as we share updates about the island. If you are interested in available real estate on Sanibel Island or need help selling a Sanibel Island home I am here to help. Contact me anytime with any Sanibel Island real estate needs.

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