Attracting Staycation Travelers to Your Sanibel Vacation Property

Attracting Staycation Travelers to Your Sanibel Vacation PropertySanibel Island is the ultimate laid-back island vacation destination. For this reason, the population of Sanibel increases significantly every year from December to June. Many vacation homeowners own a dream home away from home and rent it out when they are not there. One of the keys to making this beneficial is to have rental bookings. 

If you are a Sanibel vacation property owner there are some great strategies you can use to increase your rental bookings. One of these strategies is marketing to the staycation crowd. Staycations have been growing in popularity, especially with the cost of pretty much everything increasing. Staycationing vacationers continue to increase in numbers and could provide a successful increase in your rental bookings. 

Why Marketing Your Sanibel Property as the Perfect Staycation Spot is Beneficial

Staycationing travelers are less reliant on weather and long bouts of meticulous planning to get their trip together. A trip can be easily planned or taken on a whim when someone has a free weekend or a couple of extra vacation days they need to take before they lose them. Staycations can be traded for long expensive summer trips that are no longer affordable. Staycations can be taken more often to help relieve mounting stress. 

This presents a golden opportunity for a Sanibel vacation property owner. A staycation can help a rental owner build a repeat customer base that will help them keep bookings. A staycation can be marketed to during the off-season because it is easier for them to pack up and end up at a destination not too far from home yet far enough to feel like a break. 

Strategies to Market to Staycation Travelers

Setting the Scene

To attract locals to spend a weekend away at your property think about what a staycation traveler might be looking for in their trip. What would make a short trip not far from home worth the effort and small expense? Often a staycation is meant to feel like a getaway that is easy and not overly expensive. Something that is relaxing and low-key. Market your home as the ideal retreat, a place to take it slow and unwind, but with plenty of things to do that are easy and not too far away should they want to go do something. 

Include items like wi-FI (staycationers often utilize some of the time to work remotely), high-quality linens, amazing outdoor spaces to enjoy the island on their time, a fully stocked kitchen, a shelf full of books and board games, a Netflix or other streaming subscription on the TV, or the ability to sign into their own, luxury toiletries. Items that make the guest feel they could relax and hide away spending all their time at the home but also head out a grab a coffee at the cozy cafe and just take their time at their own pace while enjoying the amazing island. 

Communicate the Scene Online

Every successful vacation property has a way to easily book a staycation online. In your online booking description of the property make sure to communicate the scene you have set to appeal to staycationers. Mention the amazing attributes of Sanibel, it really is the perfect laid-back staycation destination. Note the high-quality amenities. Talk about the cool laid-back local activities that are close to the home and super easy to get to. Take pictures of special features like a hammock on the back deck overlooking the water or a lushly landscaped backyard. Or a cozy chair next to a bookshelf with a window in the background that showcases a great view. 

Share Some Insider Tips

A staycationer who has been to the island several times sometimes needs a reason to come back. Share insider tips that the everyday tourist doesn't know about, and help your guests fall in love with the island the way you have. Why do you love coming back to Sanibel Island over and over again? or why do you live here year-round? Point out things to do that hardly anyone knows about. Where is the best spot to watch the iconic Sanibel Sunsets? Where can you spot wildlife and at what time of day? How about music festivals? 

Seek Deals with Local Businesses

Try teaming up with local business owners to offer deals and incentives to help draw business to your vacation rental. Offer some of their products in welcome baskets. make a special coupon available. Give a low-cost gift card for a free coffee at the local stand. It helps attract bookings and helps bring more business to local stores. 

Jessica Hopkins from the website Hostfully shares this, " Not only is it great to support small local businesses at this time of economic difficulty – winning you brownie points with guests – but in return, these businesses might also promote your vacation rental business. The added benefit to spending time to find allies, even in these difficult times, is that those bonds will last. That mom and pop grocery store you helped stay afloat will remember you, which might come in handy in a year or two."

Follow Up 

When your guests have come and gone, make sure to send a quick message to check in with them to see how their staycation went. It shows that you care and helps you to possibly gain some honest feedback about where you may need to tweak things a bit. 

If you are considering purchasing a second home on Sanibel Island, I am here to help. Contact me any time for any Sanibel Island real estate needs. Both for primary homes and vacation properties. For expert care in buying and selling homes. 

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