Best Flooring Option Ideas for Sanibel Homes

Best Flooring Option Ideas for Sanibel HomesLiving in a tropical climate and on a sand-filled beach is a dream, but it does have its challenges as well. One of those challenges is choosing flooring that can stand up to the weather and constant contact with sand which is abrasive to flooring. Making sure you have a floor that can hold up to sand and humidity is a must in a Sanibel beach home. If you are considering replacing the floors or are purchasing a Sanibel beach home that needs new floors check out this list of top flooring choices for coastal beach homes. 


Tile is a great low-maintenance material that lasts for several years with the right maintenance and upkeep and the right type of tile choice. Ceramic tile is a great option for waterfront homes because of its ability to hold up to moisture and durable surface that can take the abrasion of sand. The great thing about ceramic tile is that it also comes in a myriad of choices and colors. There are also hundreds of different shapes and ways to lay it where you can have a unique custom tile design on your floor. The one drawback to your tile is grout as it needs to be sealed every so often. But with the right expert help of a trustworthy tile layer you can find a tile and grout that works for you.

Engineered Wood

Natural hardwood probably isn't the best idea for a coastal home but picking out a hardwood alternative could be a very smart choice to stand up to sand and moisture as well as temperature fluctuation. Engineered hardwood has a layer of real wood on the top to make it look convincingly like actual hardwood floors but it will last for a long time without needing to be replaced while standing up to sand and weather.


Bamboo is not often thought about when it comes to flooring but it is a great eco-friendly and sustainable option for coastal home flooring. While bamboo is technically a hardwood it is much different from your typical wood choices as it is very strong and durable. Bamboo repels scratches and dings which is highly beneficial to a home that has a lot of sand brought in on the floor. It is great in high-traffic areas and naturally strong as compared to other types of wood flooring. It is also a renewable fast-growing resource making it more eco-friendly.


When people hear vinyl they think of that ugly linoleum stuff from the 80s that our mom and dad on a budget used after securing a mortgage loan in the double digits. However, vinyl flooring has come a long way over the last couple of decades. There are several different types of vinyl flooring some much better than others. While yes, there are still some fairly cheap low-grade vinyl options there are several high-quality ones as well now. And the great thing is they come in aesthetically pleasing prints, some that look like hardwood and stone, or tile. Vinyl is a good choice as it is easy to clean and holds up to moisture. You just want to make sure that you purchase high-quality vinyl.

Any flooring you choose for your Sanibel Island beach home can be beautiful with the proper care. But some materials stand up better to sand and weather elements and will have you maintaining and caring for your floor a lot less compared to others. Of course, it is always a great idea to have quality doormats on both sides of every exterior door to help keep as much sand out of your home as possible. Some floor experts say the ultimate best strategy is to keep outdoor shoes off of your feet once you get inside your home. If you are a homeowner who would like to take less time cleaning your floors and more time enjoying the beautiful beaches of Sanibel there are some flooring options that will allow you to do so. It is always best to pick quality materials for your home and to maintain your home as much as possible to help retain its value especially if you plan to sell your Sanibel home in the future.

Don Payne of Vision Realty in Columbus Ohio shares this in a blog post:

"Maintaining your home is not just beneficial to keep your home running well it also helps your home to retain its resale value. The better condition a home is in when you decide to sell your home the easier it will be to sell and the higher price you can list it."

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