BIG Arts on Sanibel is Full of Art with Stories and Great Activities

BIG Arts on Sanibel is a Full of Art with Stories and Great ActivitiesBIG Arts is an island staple for culture and creativity. It is home to several beloved things focused on the arts from interesting sculptures to great classes and live entertainment. One of the most recent pieces of art on display is more than just an expression of someone's creativity, it is a special piece that tells of one of Sanibel's biggest catastrophic events and symbolizes the community's strength in rebuilding and coming together. 

The New Sculpture at BIG Arts

Just two months ago a new sculpture was put in place outside the entrance of the BIG Arts building. This sculpture is special because it is made out of scraps from the old Sanibel Causeway. The scraps are a collection of twisted rebar from the wreckage of the causeway after it was wiped out in Hurricane Ian cutting Sanibel off from car transportation to the mainland.

The sculpture is made out of these twisted scraps that symbolize and show just how much damage the island took on, but they have been made into something new and beautiful and also communicate the strength and hope of the island's future. The sculpture is the one-of-a-kind work of artist Wendy Klemperer based out of Brooklyn New York. 

Rebar pieces were collected by BIG Arts gallery director Wilson McCray after the storm as the wreckage was being cleaned up with permission from local authorities. The twisted rebar that once looked like a devastating pile of garbage is now a gorgeous and strong panther standing outside of BIG Arts. 

McCray the gallery director described the symbolism of the new sculpture this way to a local news station when it was first unveiled:

"It’s testimony of recovery – it feels like that. Taking something that’s wreckage and devastation and turning it into something beautiful.”

The causeway was wiped out completely in the storm and brought in attention and help from the state government including attention from the Florida state governor. It was rebuilt quickly to get trucks to the island to help in clean-up, recovery, and rescue efforts. The bridge was not open right away to the general public but was built up enough to allow emergency vehicles across the water in just a few weeks. 

More About BIG Arts

The word BIG is an acronym for Barrier Island Group for the Arts. The foundation was formed more than 40 years ago on the island. The founding principle was to help island residents "experience and celebrate the artist in all of us and to remind us of our shared humanity." That principle remains the foundation and focus of BIG Arts to this day. Every year there is a new program of performing arts performances, films, workshops, and fine arts. 

Youth Summer Classes have just been announced at BIG Arts for the Summer of 2024. There are many different classes available including art in Gelli Paint, Dragon Eye Sculptures, and Mosaics.  You can register your kids for classes by sending an email to the address included on the youth summer classes page on the BIG Arts website. Payments can be made by phone or in person at the box office located at 900 Dunlop Road. You can find the required forms on this web page as well. 

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