Bookshelf Wealth- the Newest Trend in Home Decor

Every year there is something new to follow trend-wise whether it is in clothing, fitness, television, home and core, etc. There are many different ways trends begin but lately the most wildly spreading trends start on the social media platform TikTok. One of the newest home decor trends that you may want to try in your Sanibel or Captiva home is focused on reading material.

This new trend has been titled Bookshelf Wealth. It is the idea of curating a collection of books read by the homeowner. This latest TikTok trend has grown widely popular as a way of breathing new interest into home decor.

What is bookshelf Wealth?

Bookshelf Wealth- the Newest Trend in Home Decor

This newest trend started by social media is about artfully displaying your personal library of books in a way that brings interest to your home but also is very personal and tells a story. No pun intended.

It goes beyond just finding books that look pretty and making sure that the books collected are ones the book owner has read and they mean something. It is something of a statement piece that showcases or shows off the owner's reading journey. It is a collection of books that have a meaning rather than just trying to fill up an empty shelf space. Often books are showcased in a comfy spot where curling up with a book nearby is made easy with the addition of a comfortable piece of furniture or the ideal book nook bench under the window.

What started the trend?

As mentioned before the trend began on social media mostly through TikTok which is the easiest means of spreading news on social media currently. Instagram has 

also played a bit of a role in the spread of the trend. Bookshelf wealth is thought to have come from another growing home trend which is known as quiet luxury. Quiet luxury is a trend focused on high-end products that are more like timeless treasures that will never go out of style than statement-making pieces. Another trend that designers believe bookshelf wealth has come from is called dark academia. This is the idea of creating spaces with dark bold colors and high-end materials that sort of give a nod to prep school furnishings.

These design aesthetics are a bigger portion of bookshelf wealth. The bookshelf wealth idea is a small puzzle piece that fits into these larger design ideas. Reading has also become hugely popular again as people have become a little bit bored with staring at technology since that's all they did while secured in their homes during the pandemic. There has been a resurgence of reading physical paper books.

Incorporating the Trend in your Sanibel Home

Just like plants and creating an indoor greenhouse area became popular during the pandemic now bookshelves are having their moment. Incorporating a bookshelf that lends to architectural and visual interests in your room is all this trend is about. Of course, the books that fill those shelves are all ones that have been read and showcase the interest of the homeowner. In addition to displaying your reading accomplishments and love you can also display artwork and other design elements to add even more interest to your bookshelves.

It is the art of creating your own personal library in your home again. It is a fun way to bring back a love of literature in your home. And books come in a variety of colors and styles so it can be fun to create a tapestry of interest with book covers.

The fun thing about bookshelf wealth is that you can try it on a small or large scale in your Sanibel home. If you are currently searching for a Sanibel homeI am here to help.

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