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BIG Arts on Sanibel is Full of Art with Stories and Great Activities

BIG Arts on Sanibel is a Full of Art with Stories and Great ActivitiesBIG Arts is an island staple for culture and creativity. It is home to several beloved things focused on the arts from interesting sculptures to great classes and live entertainment. One of the most recent pieces of art on display is more than just an expression of someone's creativity, it is a special piece that tells of one of Sanibel's biggest catastrophic events and symbolizes the community's strength in rebuilding and coming together. 

The New Sculpture at BIG Arts

Just two months ago a new sculpture was put in place outside the entrance of the BIG Arts building. This sculpture is special because it is made out...

Sanibel's Indigo Trail Made a USA Today 10 Best List

Sanibel's Indigo Trail Made a USA Today 10 Best ListSanibel Island is full of the best spaces in the world in my opinion. But there are many people out there who would agree with me because Sanibel is always on some sort of best of list. The most recent list Sanibel has made is for best day hiking trails. The Indigo Trail at the J.N. Ding Darling Refuge is on the USA Today 10Best list of great hiking trails anyone can enjoy. 

What is the USA Today 10Best?

The USA TODAY 10Best is a website/publication under the USA TODAY umbrella of publications. USA TODAY is a longstanding...

What is Summer Like on Sanibel Island?

What is Summer Like on Sanibel Island?If you are considering a move to Sanibel Island you might wonder what it is like to spend the summers here. While Sanibel Island is a big tourist destination and has a significant population of part-time residents, it is not jam-packed during the summer. The population does grow at certain times of the year, but it really is never actually crowded here. The peak season for Sanibel visitors is actually December through April when the weather is cold and treacherous in the northeastern states. Summer on Sanibel is a bit quieter (not too quiet) but relaxed and amazing. 

What to Enjoy in Summer on Sanibel Island


The beaches are the main attraction on Sanibel Island all year long. If you enjoy an active lifestyle...

Hidden Gems on Sanibel Island

Hidden Gems on Sanibel IslandIf you are considering a move to southwest Florida and are determining where in the area you want to settle you might come across Sanibel as you're searching. When you first look at it Sanibel seems like a very sleepy little town. Sanibel Island is small and quiet with a city municipality of the same name. There is only one town on the island and it is an amazing dream-like place to settle into if you are hoping for somewhere quiet and close to the most amazing Gulf beaches in southwest Florida.

If you don't know much about Sanibel let us help you discover some of the best-hidden gems of the island to help you really get to know this actually world-famous barrier island full of some of the world's best beaches.

Sanibel Island's Hidden Gems

The Wildlife...

Enjoying a Sanibel Beach Day with Kids

Enjoying a Sanibel Beach Day with KidsOne of the biggest attractions of Sanibel Island is the pretty much perfect beaches. Sanibel is surrounded by water, and home to the most amazing white sand beaches that meet with the sparkling waters of the Gulf OF Mexico. If you are a parent with young children getting ready for a day at the beach can feel like it requires a lot of effort for a day that could be enjoyable or hectic depending upon the mood of your kids that day. (if you are a parent of small kids you know). When you move to Sanibel or purchase a vacation home you are most likely hoping that there are a lot of beach days ahead. So having some great hacks for enjoying a day at the beach with your littles is essential. 

Before you know it you will feel like a beach-going pro....

The SanCap Chamber Celebrates More Business Openings

The SanCap Chamber Celebrates More Business Openings Just a few days ago on April 25, the SanCap Chamber of Commerce celebrated the opening of two more businesses on Sanibel Island. New businesses opening up is an even bigger celebration as the islands continue to recover from the effects of Hurricane Ian in September 2022.

The Two New Businesses That Were Celebrated

This new celebration of business openings was for the Sanibel Captiva Island Association of Realtors office at 2353 Periwinkle Way. The Association of Realtors is now back open for business along with a tenant in the association's building, Finnimoore's Bike and Beach Rentals.

About Sanibel Captiva Island Association of Realtors

The Association of a Realtor's Office is...

Top Rated Sanibel Island Cafes

Top Rated Sanibel Island CafesThere is nothing like waking up on Sanibel Island, whether you are vacationing, or you live here full time, it is just magical to greet the day with nature, the ocean, and a friendly community. If you are a morning person you probably enjoy getting out and seeing what the island has to offer. You may be looking for a great spot to grab a cup of coffee or an amazing breakfast. Check out a list of the best cafes on Sanibel Island. 

Sanibel Island's Top Cafes

 There are so many great local businesses in Sanibel. This list of top cafes was taken from Trip Advisor ratings which relies on the ratings and reviews of people who submit their opinions to...

Yoga Classes are Better on Sanibel

Yoga Classes are Better on SanibelIf you are looking for the ultimate way to enjoy yoga classes Sanibel Island is the place to do it. Yoga is even more relaxing through the classes offered at Sanibel's yoga "studios". These studios offer several ways to enjoy a relaxing yet strength and flexibility-building workout. Yoga class offerings have changed in the last few years due to the hurricane, but they are still available. 

Yoga at the Community House

The Community House on Sanibel Island is a great place to experience several programs that will help you find a new interest and maybe meet some new friends. The schedule at the community house varies so check the community house website for the latest fitness class offerings....

Turtle Nesting Season is Around the Corner in Sanibel and Captiva

Turtle Nesting Season is Around the Corner in Sanibel and CaptivaIf you are considering purchasing a Sanibel Island home along the Gulf shore, or have just purchased a home on the Gulf shore, it is good to know Sanibel's sea turtle nesting season. There are required ordinances for property owners on the beach during sea turtle nesting season. Sanibel has always been a safe and ideal place for local turtles to nest on the beaches and Sanibel takes pride in its role in helping to preserve and hopefully increase the sea turtle population. Sea turtles are endangered creatures and Sanibel hopes to do their part in helping this species remain on the planet.

When is sea turtle nesting season?

Sea turtle nesting season begins very soon on April...

The Best Paddleboarding and Kayaking Spots in and Around Sanibel

The Best Paddleboarding and Kayaking Spots in and Around SanibelSouthwest Florida offers ideal weather to enjoy water sports all year long. For this reason, kayaking and paddleboarding are some of the most popular outdoor activities in Sanibel. If you are a beginner or just prefer a calmer paddleboard or kaya experience there are many great spots to enjoy. If you are more experienced or prefer a little more of a challenge, there are excellent spots for you as well. 

The Wildlife Refuge

The J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge is the largest protected natural area on the island. It is an amazing place for several different outdoor recreational activities including...