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How to Create A Peaceful Backyard Oasis

It’s more than possible to transform a deck, patio or courtyard into a beautiful place of refuge. Here are some words of advice to create a stress-reducing garden getaway. Studies have shown people who spend time outdoors are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. You may not have a big, beautiful backyard space, but there are different things that can easily be done to transform any space.

The first recommendation is to declutter. While starting with a totally blank canvas isn’t necessary, bringing a haven to life takes a tidy work area and some planning. Begin by pruning any overgrown trees and hedges, donating unused play equipment, and clearing away any waste.

Once the space feels bare, take stock of its natural elements, and formulate a plan for anything you want changed. Do you want a water feature, a pool or an outdoor dining area, or do you want to emphasize being one with nature? Whatever your vision, be sure to keep relaxation first and...

Creating a Luxury Primary Bedroom Retreat

For most homebuyers, the primary bedroom in a home should be a place of refuge and relaxation. The place where they can envision themselves getting away from it all at the end of a long day or in the middle of the chaotic family day-to-day tasks. It is often one of the most important spaces that buyers look at when shopping for a home. Because of this, it is a good idea to stage the primary bedroom in your luxury home as a relaxing and inviting retreat.

Creating a Luxury Primary Bedroom Retreat

Here are some tips for creating a luxury primary bedroom retreat in your home

Choose one focal point

Pick one area or item in the room that you want to speak the loudest. This could be an amazing comfortable cloud-like bed. It could be a pair of plush and...

Essentials for Bringing Curb Appeal to Your Front Porch

Whether you’re setting up your home for the first time or getting it ready to sell you want to make sure that that amazing front porch you love so much is showcased as a welcoming spot with some of these essential items.

Essentials for Bringing Curb Appeal to Your Front Porch

Plants in the foreground

The plants in your landscape can lead the eye up to your front porch area and draw it to the front door to create a welcoming space. Though the plants are not on the porch themselves they make a huge impact on how your front porch and front door feel and look from the street. Colorful plants draw the eye in with interest and if you are sitting on the porch, the...

Plants that are Great for Salty Beach Areas

Living along some of the most amazing white sand beaches in Florida on Sanibel Island gives you the most amazing scenery that many people envy. But landscaping and gardening with large quantities of salt in the soil from the “sea air” can bring quite the challenge to your yard.

Here are some great plants that can stand up to salt damage and are great for planting in beach environments.



This is a shorter bedding plant with yellow and red leaves that are visually impressive. It also gives off tiny flowers. Each leaf is almost a tie-dye combination of red and pale yellow. This plant is very versatile to environmental conditions making it hearty and very capable to stand up in salty conditions. This is a tropical plant that does not like frost so it is perfect for southern Florida. Be...

The Unique Aspects of Island Living

The Unique Aspects of Island Living

When most people think of living in a dream destination, it is not uncommon for a sunny island oasis to come to mind. So many people dream of living a warm island lifestyle. There are so many dream-come-true aspects of the island lifestyle and a few unique quirks as well.

It is always good to get a full picture of what true island living looks like before making the decision to move in year-round.

Living in a Tourist Hotspot

Visiting a dream sunny island and considering making the switch to permanently living there because you have fallen in love will open your eyes to how having a population surge can quickly change the atmosphere of everyday living.

Tourism can be a great boost to the economy and breathe new energy into...

Schedule a Trip to Sanibel and Captiva islands

Schedule a Trip to Sanibel and Captiva islands

It’s time to plan your 2022 vacations and a perfect trip to start the new year is a warm, sunny getaway to Florida’s Sanibel and Captiva Islands. These delightful locations boast beautiful beaches, amazing shell collecting opportunities, miles of bike trails, and plenty of opportunities to relax while enjoying the ideal weather available from December through April.

The two islands (often referred to as San-Cap) are perfect if you’re looking for a calmer, family-friendly destination. Located about 40 miles from Fort Myers, the 12-miles long Sanibel and the 5-miles long Captiva are accessible via the 3-miles long Sanibel Causeway toll bridge. But watch your speed! Cars and bikes share the island roads...

Captiva Farmer's Market - Coming Soon!

Farmers Market

Captiva Farmers Market!!

A true “green” farmer’s market offering fresh fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, plants, baked goods, seafood and much more.


Creating Wine Storage that Becomes a Design Feature in Your Home

Wine enthusiasts all around the world have recently begun creating gallery-like storage spaces that not only efficiently store their collections but also display them as art. In-home wine storage as a design feature was a luxury home concept that began in France in the 1970s. The first wine storage as focal art is attributed to a Frenchman named Georges Harnois.Creating Wine Storage that Becomes a Design Feature in Your Home

Harnois began this trend by digging a 6 ½ foot wide hole in his garage floor and lining it with wood and refining it with concrete modules. He created a spiral wine cellar which has evolved over the years.

Today most spiral wine sellers are not only stunning but...

3 Classic Luxury Design Trends for Floridians

Classic Luxury Design Trends for FloridiansFlorida is the home for design lovers. The year-round sunshine and natural flora in Florida easily incorporate themselves into interior design. Many designs are based on light, bright and breezy hallmarks, and these are the things that define the Florida Style. Here are some of the classic design trends in Florida.

Natural Palettes

Natural palettes are a versatile design typical in Florida and can be used in bedrooms or living rooms to bring a vibe of relaxed sophistication. Natural palettes give endless design possibilities, and you can add with minimal effort a little more color to your design if you please. 

Classic Luxury Design Trends for Floridians...

Add Some Touches of Summer to Your Luxury Home Decor

It is always fun to add a bit of seasonal décor into your home to help bring some of the touches of the current season into your everyday life. Summer is characterized by warmth and sunshine, iconic holiday celebrations, and outdoor gatherings. You can bring these moments into your home with elegant decor and make the most of your season.

Add Some Touches of Summer to Your Luxury Home DecorHere are some ways to embrace summertime by adding subtle touches of the summer into your luxury home’s décor and help to make it feel lively and fresh every day and on days that you plan to entertain.

Create a Plan

Start by asking yourself what are your favorite aspects of summertime or start by checking out magazines or online idea boards that...