Keep An Eye Out For These Warning Signs Of Home Damage

Starting with the exterior, some red flags homeowners may not notice until they become a problem are related to the gutter system. While practicing routine upkeep, look out for pooling water, peeling paint and sagging or damaged seams. These warnings may indicate repair is needed to help properly direct rainwater runoff, or that the house might benefit from having a gutter protection system installed. If faulty gutters aren’t addressed in time, it could lead to leakage and subsequent water damage or mold growth both inside the home and out.

Another important aspect of interior inspection is electrical wiring. Homeowners should take notice if the lights are dimmer than before, or they flicker once in a while. Similarly, any strange noises, like popping or buzzing, coming from the outlets, switches or appliances should never be ignored. These could be indications of a serious problem or even a potentially life-threatening hazard. In such situations, an electrician should be...

The Bell Team is Safe! Update on Hurricane Ian

UPDATE - Friday September 30 - 2022

The Bell Team is safe and off island. We have been keeping in touch with each other and taking everything one hour at a time. We hope all of you are safe as well! 


6:30 p.m., Thursday, September 29, 2022

Sanibel Mayor Holly D. Smith will be giving a Facebook live update at 6:30 p.m. on the City’s response to Hurricane Ian. Click here to watch the live feed.

How Higher Property Values Benefit Owners

How Higher Property Values Benefit Owners

As home prices have risen at a rapid pace over the last few years, some homeowners are reluctant to get excited about the increase in their home value, because it is often met with a steep increase in property taxes. Besides this drawback, there are some good things that come with an increase in home value beyond retaining a bigger profit when you sell your home.

Short-Term Benefits of Increased Property Value for Homeowners

If you were required to purchase a mortgage insurance plan when approved for your mortgage (most often this is required when an applicant put less than 20% into the down payment of their home purchase) you may be able to drop this significant extra payment sooner than anticipated.


Investing Wisely: Backyard Renovations & Upgrades

Looking to transform your outdoor space?

To start, it’s important to remember that home upgrades — much like everything else in life — are a balancing act. While some typically add value, others might have you see very little return on investment (ROI). Another fact to remember is that style is subjective. What you see as an improvement, someone else may view as an inconvenience or maintenance hassle.

There is also the maintenance aspect to consider. Just like an in-ground pool requires regular upkeep to perform as it should, so too does an outdoor kitchen. One way to balance the costs with the joys of open-air cooking is to invest in a gas grill with all the latest features rather than installing appliances and tabletops. For more examples of costly backyard mistakes, please see the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by ...

The Difference Between a Buyer's and Seller's Market

The Difference Between a Buyer's and Seller's Market

As you’ve been searching for a home, talking to industry professionals, and reading information online, you’ve probably come across the terms “buyer’s market” and “seller’s market”.

A buyer's market is when supply is greater than demand. There are more people looking to sell homes than there are people looking to buy homes. A seller's market is when demand is greater than supply. There are more people looking to buy homes than there are people looking to sell homes.

Although every micro-market is different, we have generally seen a seller’s market across the for the past several years. 

For buyers, the market is extremely...

What is Luxury Real Estate?

What is Luxury Real Estate

Luxury real estate is defined differently across different markets, as property values, median resident income, and area development vary widely depending on the metro area. The term “luxury” refers to the fact that real estate features a convenient location, an expensive price, substantial space, valuable materials, expert design, luxury amenities, and historical value. There is no denying that luxury real estate is typically valued at more than 10% of all properties.

What is Luxury Real Estate

But the term luxury has been used to describe everything from the ultra-luxury homes of the...

2022 Luxury Real Estate Trends

real estate trend

Luxury homes continue to sell at a rapid pace and be in high demand. Reports have shown that homes priced from $1 million-$5 million had the highest sales growth of 69.2%  in single-family properties, and 65.3% for attached or multiunit properties within the first 10 months of last year. This is much higher than pre-pandemic numbers.

Exactly what luxury features a home buyer expects to see all depends on the personal interests of the individual buyer, but there are some features that a large number of buyers have come to expect in luxury properties. Luxury home buyers are willing to wait until they find just the right luxury property that has all of the attributes they are looking for.

Here are some luxury home trends that are expected to appeal to most luxury buyers in 2022



Timeless Design Tips: Spaces that Never Go Out of Style

Timeless Design Tips: Spaces that Never Go Out of Style

The most popular of home designs are called trends for a reason because they come in quickly and go out almost just as quickly as they came in. But if you are not interested in changing out the look of your home every few years, (and spending more money on home design) what can you do?

Here are some tips for using timeless décor and design in your home that will always be in style

This way you can spend fewer dollars and time on keeping up with the Joneses and more on relaxing and enjoying the comfort of your home.

Use the Trendy Items as Fun Accents

Keeping a classic and timeless overall look in your home does not mean you must ignore all of the current design trends....

Tripping Over Toys? Organizing Your Kids’ Toy Room

In a quest to keep toys from running amuck, many families dedicate a specific toy room. However, the question of how to organize it remains. Some simple strategies can help keep your kids’ toys organized, creating less clutter and stress.

First, determine which toys are the favorites — the ones they play with nearly every day. Maybe it’s the giant box of blocks or toy trains, or the dozens of plastic accessories that go with the play kitchen. Once you’ve found them, store them low to the ground so the kids have easy access.

Then, use bins, boxes, shelves or cubbies to store other toys; there are dozens of types, styles and colors from which to choose. Different types of toys can be stored in different bins, and you can tape a picture of the toy to each bin to make clean-up easy and fun for your kiddos.

Finally, for toys and games that are used less frequently, take advantage of vertical storage by adding shelves to the playroom and/or closet. Shelves come in wood,...

Declutter Your Home. De-Stress Your Life.

First, a cluttered or disorganized home simply makes it harder to find what you need, and more likely to misplace your keys or wallet — causing stress and wasting time. Studies have also found that simply being exposed to a chaotic or messy environment makes you more likely to overeat sweet or fatty foods, which can result in weight gain. Other research has found that if you find your home environment stressful, you’re more likely to feel depressed and to have higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that is linked to a higher risk of poor health. Chances are you’ll shed not only unnecessary clutter but stress and extra pounds as well, setting the stage for better overall physical and mental health.