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Bookshelf Wealth- the Newest Trend in Home Decor

Every year there is something new to follow trend-wise whether it is in clothing, fitness, television, home and core, etc. There are many different ways trends begin but lately the most wildly spreading trends start on the social media platform TikTok. One of the newest home decor trends that you may want to try in your Sanibel or Captiva home is focused on reading material.

This new trend has been titled Bookshelf Wealth. It is the idea of curating a collection of books read by the homeowner. This latest TikTok trend has grown widely popular as a way of breathing new interest into home decor.

What is bookshelf Wealth?

Bookshelf Wealth- the Newest Trend in Home Decor

This newest trend started by social media...

Which Island Should I Settle Into, Sanibel or Captiva?

Which Island Should I Settle Into, Sanibel or Captiva?When people consider a property purchase on Sanibel Island they often ask themselves about the sister island right next to Sanibel, Captiva. This island is on the northwest end of Sanibel and is only accessed by car via Sanibel Island or by boat. These two sister islands offer some of the most amazing dream properties and often people considering a property purchase out here ask whether they should purchase on Sanibel Island or Captiva Island.

Here is a little info about each island to help you decide where you would want to purchase a home

About Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island hosts a city of the...

Maintaining the Paint and Other Exterior Finishes of a Beach Home

Maintaining the Paint and Other Exterior Finishes of a Beach HomeBeing able to enjoy the sunshine, unmatched water views, and cool ocean breezes is what some people dream about their whole life. For Sanibel and Captiva Island homeowners it is an everyday reality. But the sun and salt air can also take a tougher toll on the exterior of a home. A home located on or near the ocean is going to require more exterior maintenance. 

How coastal weather can damage the exterior of a beach home?

The salty air can do some damage to exterior home paint but the biggest contributing factor in damage to the exterior of a beach home is the sun. If...

Lee County's New Time Frame for the 50% Rule

Lee County's New Time Frame for the 50% RuleIf you are a Sanibel or Captiva Island homeowner that is just beginning the efforts to restore your home on one of the islands, you may be relieved to find out that the government officials of Lee County decided to lessen the timeframe of the reach back part of the FEMA 50% rule. 

The new change to the FEMA 50% rule will help several homeowners on the island to restore their properties without the stress of requirements to bring properties up to current hurricane building codes. This may help many Sanibel and Captiva Island homeowners still on the fence about whether they should try to restore their property or try to sell it. 

The FEMA 50%...

Beaches are Open on Sanibel Island!

Beaches are Open on Sanibel Island!For the many people that love Sanibel Island whether they live here year-round and call it their first home, own a vacation home here, or come back frequently to visit, the island is a place of fond memories. One of the best memories many people have here is of their time on the beaches. 

The beaches of Sanibel Island have been closed since Hurricane Ian hit in September 2022. Though the island has made tremendous progress in its restoration efforts there are some long-awaited milestones for getting back to normal. One of the most anticipated is to be able to visit the beaches again. 

There is Good News for Sanibel Island Beach Lovers!

For all...

A Post Disaster Insurance Guide for Sanibel Homeowners

A Post Disaster Insurance Guide for Sanibel HomeownersAfter a natural disaster has struck a home the majority of people depend on a homeowners insurance policy to help get them back to where they were before the storm hit. With the right knowledge of how to communicate with your insurance company in making a claim, you can shrink the time between disaster and full recovery. It is a good idea to glean as much knowledge as possible on how to effectively communicate with your insurance company post-disaster.

Helpful information for contacting your insurance company after a natural disaster

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible...

The Latest News From the City of Sanibel on Hurricane Ian

Here is the latest helpful and important information for Sanibel Island straight from city officials. Including the latest curfew restrictions in place, information about financial assistance for city clean-up efforts, and returning to properties. 


Please take the time to watch this helpful information so you are aware of safety measures and what is going on from a government perspective and what you can do to receive help as well as be able to help out if you are able. 

Applying for Federal Assistance After Hurricane Ian

Applying for Federal Assistance After Hurricane IanShortly after Hurricane Ian came crashing into Sanibel, Captiva, and Fort Myers government officials stepped up to announce how people may receive help in their recovery efforts from the storm

President Biden just hours after Hurricane Ian hit Florida declared much of the state a major disaster area. This official presidential declaration enables anyone who has been affected by Hurricane Ian to apply for financial assistance from the federal government. This assistance can be applied for online, over the phone, or in person at a federal processing center.

The recent emergency declaration gives authority to the Federal Emergency Management Agency...

Celebrities in Sanibel and Captiva Island

Celebrities in Sanibel and Captiva Island

Visitors are likely to wander past some of the biggest celebrity names as Captiva is historically a popular destination for A-list visits. Captiva is approximately 5 miles long and half a mile wide and is accessible by road from Sanibel. The island’s only road, Captiva Drive, which runs the length of the island, is lined with spectacular multi-million dollar properties, stretching the width of the island. There are no eye sores here with Captiva developments fitting into the lush, tropical scenery with nothing built higher than the tallest palm tree.

Visitors in Captiva can relax on the islands pristine beaches, which have the world’s best shelling, and go fishing, snorkelling, kayaking and exploring.

Stephen KingStephen King...

Summer Vacationing in Sanibel and Captiva Island

Summer Vacationing in Sanibel and Captiva Island

Of course, winter and spring constitute a high season in Southwest Florida, and Sanibel and Captiva Island fall into that mold. Yet there’s something about summer on the islands. Something more intimate and personal. Something more authentically Floridian. Summer is a great time to have your Sanibel Island vacation for many reasons. While less busy than the spring, Summer visits to Sanibel offer unique and almost private experiences you're sure to enjoy! June, July, and August often hold temperatures of 90 degrees or more, and it's common to see a mid-afternoon storm blow through. Don't fret though, these storms typically pass through quickly, so sit back and relax...