Where do People Who Live on Sanibel Island Work?

Where do People Who Live on Sanibel Island Work?Sanibel Island is located off the southwest coast of Florida, closest to Fort Myers Florida. It is a well-known island and consistently recognized as one of the most popular of Florida's islands, especially to vacation for many people living in the northeast and southeast portions of the United States. It is not uncommon to find many people who live in these areas who have fun memories of utilizing days off from school to head down to the island for a nostalgic family trip.

Though the island is usually popular with visitors it also has a substantial amount of year-round residents. According to data from 2021 the population of Sanibel island was 6.44 thousand people. Some of them discovered the...

Frequently Asked Questions About Sanibel Right Now

Frequently Asked Questions About Sanibel Right NowIf you have ever searched something on the internet by sticking a question in a web browser you may have seen a series of questions related to your search that pop up in the search feed about three or four results down the list. A list titled "People Also Ask." This is a short list of frequently asked questions on the same subject you searched. If you are searching for information on Sanibel Island you will find a list of questions people are asking about Sanibel. Here are four of the most frequently asked questions about Sanibel right now according to Google. But don't settle for a web search answer. Let us help you out with the answers.

Is Sanibel OK to Visit Now?

Sanibel Island...

Sanibel School Continues as a Top-Ranked Florida School

Sanibel School Continues as a Top-Ranked Florida SchoolA question often asked by people moving to a new area, especially young families is how the schools perform and how they are rated. Highly rated schools are not just beneficial to young families with children that will be attending those schools but are also beneficial for any property owner within the zoning boundaries. This is because properties around great schools remain in higher demand and as such help to retain a higher fair market value.

Sanibel Island has just one public school but that school is a very high-quality school and has consistently received high ratings from several different avenues for many years.

The Sanibel School's Most Recent Top Ranking


Reasons to Grow Native Plants Around Your Sanibel Home

Reasons to Grow Native Plants Around Your Sanibel HomeIf you have just purchased a Sanibel Island home you may be looking for ways to improve it and make it your own or to help it gain equity. Or maybe you are a current Sanibel owner looking for ways to add curb appeal as you consider listing your Sanibel Island home for sale. A great way to increase the value of your Sanibel home and increase curb appeal is with landscaping. Outdoor spaces are increasingly popular among homebuyers and as such it is a great area to help increase...

Fun Boating Destinations Around Sanibel

Fun Boating Destinations Around SanibelBeing that Sanibel Island is an island and therefore surrounded by water it is an obvious boating destination. As such there are many great Sanibel properties with boat docks right in their backyard or the ability to purchase or rent a boat slip just steps from the door. If you have just moved to Sanibel Island with your boat or are considering a purchase of a Sanibel boat property you may be wondering what the best boating spots around Sanibel are.

Sanibel Island is located in southwest Florida and is one of the hottest boating destinations in America and the entire world. There are countless amazing boating destinations to get to from Sanibel both close and within...

Sanibel Lighthouse Beach Park is Back in "Business"

Sanibel Lighthouse Beach Park is Back in "Business"Knowing what is going on around Sanibel and Captiva Islands is important for those who live here full-time, those who live here part-time, those who are considering a move here, and those who are hoping to vacation or visit soon. This is, especially true since Hurricane Ian hit last fall and the island has been through many different phases of revitalization. 

One of the most anticipated reopenings after the hurricane was that of the Sanibel Lighthouse Beach Park. The...

Ding Darling Refuge is Offering Free Programs to Sanibel in Summer 2023

Ding Darling Refuge is Offering Free Programs to Sanibel in Summer 2023If you or a resident of Sanibel Island either year around or part-time, or are considering a move to Sanibel,  or even if you were just visiting you'll want to take advantage of the free programs being offered by the JN Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge this summer.

About the JN Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge

The Wildlife Refuge is a natural conservation area and the largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystem in the country. It has been a refuge since 1945 ...

Sanibel Island Remains a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community

Sanibel Island Remains a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly CommunityFor years Sanibel Island Florida has been a prime biking community. It is one of 506 communities around the country with a commitment to creating a safe bicycling atmosphere for all who love to get around on two wheels (and two pedals).

On May 31st, 2023 the League of American Bicyclists renewed the Gold-level designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community. The designation is the Gold level of the bicycle-friendly community award. This official award recognizes...

Living with No See Ums on Sanibel Island

Living with No See Ums on Sanibel IslandIf you have just moved to Sanibel Island you may have run into an unfortunate encounter with No See Um bugs. These pests can be pretty annoying to contend with when you are enjoying outdoor spaces on Sanibel especially as the sun is going down. It can be pretty discouraging to go out on the deck of your Sanibel home to enjoy the amazing outdoor atmosphere only to discover a million tiny red bumps all over the next morning. 

What Are No See Ums?

No See Ums are extremely small insects that fly and can go unnoticed as they make their attack. They can be as tiny as a single grain of sand and often do not get any bigger than 3 mm. They can also be referred...

If You are New to Sanibel you Need to Try Breakfast at the Lighthouse Café

Breakfast at the Lighthouse Café

If you are just visiting or are new to being a permanent resident on Sanibel Island you have to make sure you stop by the Lighthouse Café for breakfast. It is a Sanibel favorite.

The Lighthouse Café boasts that it has the best breakfast in the world and many people who frequently vacation or live here permanently agree. It is the best breakfast and brunch spot anywhere. You have not had breakfast until you come and visit Sanibel’s Lighthouse Café.

Some of the most popular menu items include fresh-squeezed orange juice, omelets, and eggs Benedict fixed in any way you could possibly imagine. Don’t forget to try the housemaid strawberry preserves. You can even take some home with you when you are done with...