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Is it a Good Idea to Get Rid of a Tub and install a Large Luxury Shower?

If you are shopping for a new home and the main bathroom is not quite the way you want it, or you are updating your current home to better fit your wants and dreams, you may be considering installing that dream extra-large walk-in shower. There has been a resurgence in interest in walk-in showers with plenty of room and luxury water features. Many homeowners are taking out bathtubs to create room for luxury super showers.Here are some things to consider before installing a giant luxury shower in your home

Here are some things to consider before installing a giant luxury shower in your home

The Benefits of a Large Luxury Walk-in Shower

In some cases,...

Tips for Selling Homes in a Sellers Market

Tips for Selling Homes in a Sellers Market

For the last few years, the real estate market has been what is deemed as a seller’s market. And this basically means that those selling homes have a little more leverage in a home sale transaction than those purchasing homes. But if you are selling a house this does not mean that all you have to do is communicate the home is for sale and the buyers will come running. It is good to have knowledge about what a seller’s market really means to successfully sell a home even when you have a stronger position in the market.

The main reason that sellers have a better bargaining position right now

According to recent data shared in the ...

How to Prepare and Plan for a Luxury Kitchen Pantry

How to Prepare and Plan for a Luxury Kitchen Pantry

Installing a kitchen pantry will bring your luxury kitchen from good to great. There’s nothing more luxurious than having plenty of space to put all of your items. And within that space being able to expertly organize it so it feels clean and relaxing.

In the planning stages, some pantry design issues don’t seem common sense or obvious but become very apparent later as you begin to use the space. Small issues that are just small enough to make a significant impact on the daily use and annoyance of use in your kitchen.

Here are some considerations for the planning stages of a luxury kitchen pantry

Deciding which way the door will open

A very often made mistake...

The Best Kind of Windows to Increase Your Home's Value

The Best Kind of Windows to Increase Your Home's Value

They say kitchens and baths sell homes. But when was the last time you thought about your windows and how old they’re getting? 

There are lots of factors, including where you live and whether you go for a midrange or upscale variety, that impact how much windows cost and what you’ll recoup from your spending. However, this is what the straight-up data says.

The average cost to replace all of the windows of a house is $12,000. A single-window replacement cost can fall anywhere between $200 and $1,800. That doesn’t account for custom or nonstandard-size windows, which can inflate the bill closer to $20,000. The average national cost of window installation is...

How to Increase Your Home's Screen Appeal

How to Increase Your Home's Screen Appeal

We've all heard of curb appeal and how important it is for resale value. In today's real estate market, screen appeal is just as important as curb appeal, if not more so.

Screen appeal is the way your home appears online; in other words, it is how photogenic your home is.

As potential buyers search through online listings, your home's screen appeal is the first impression they will get.

Keep reading for ideas to increase your home's screen appeal.


Clutter is always a no-no in staging your home for selling, but it is particularly distracting in photos. Take the time to declutter your home, removing as much as you can from surfaces. The less stuff that is taking up space in your home, the more...

What Do I Need to Do Before Listing My Home?

What do you need to do to list your home?What Do I Need to Do Before Listing My Home

Even if you think your home is in pristine condition, ask a real estate agent to walk through it before you put your house on the market. Real estate agents have seen hundreds, if not thousands of homes. They may have suggestions for repairs or small improvements that could help your house sell faster. Selling a home, after all, entails a whole lot more than just planting a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn or uploading a few random photos of your place—especially if you’re angling for the most cash.

So before you put your house on the market, peruse this checklist of what to do before selling your house. Some of these tips are surprisingly...

5 Things That Increase Your Home's Value

5 Things to increase your home's value

If you own a home or are considering buying or selling a home, you may be wondering what makes property value increase. Recent increase in property values across the U.S. can be attributed to supply and demand. And rightly so, but many more factors cause market values to climb and ultimately determine how much profit can be made on a sale. An increase in property value is called appreciation. Appreciation stems from a collage of factors influencing one another and ultimately coalescing to drive values up. In this article, we discuss the factors that cause property values to increase over time and how to obtain a home value estimate.

These include:


You’ve heard that location is the biggest factor in home value. The physical...

Store Clothes In Your Closet, Not Dust

Household dust are tiny particles that can add up to big problems. Dust may look harmless, but look at it more closely and you are likely to see nasty components such as dust mites, dust mite excrement, pollen, toxic chemicals, and other materials that can cause discomfort, trigger allergies, or even cause or worsen serious illness.

No matter what kind of closet floor you have, closet dust can be minimized if you eliminate all the clutter. Do you really need those college t-shirts frayed around the neckline, or the cowboy boots you used to wear line dancing, or the Trivial Pursuit game you haven’t touched since you got it for Christmas however many years ago? Less surface area gives dust less space on which to settle and fewer crevasses in which to hide. Plus, if you make a donation of unneeded items that still have value, you’ll be helping people who do need them.

Of course, no amount of reorganization or decluttering can deliver permanent freedom from dust. It’s extremely important...

Home Sellers are Beginning to Lower List Price

Mortgage rates have been historically low for around a year and a half now and they continue to remain near record lows right now. Some 15-year mortgages are hovering around a very low 2% interest rate while 30-year rates are averaging around 3%. Though mortgage rates are phenomenal many potential buyers are worried about the recent significant rise in home prices and are unsure of whether they should actually purchase a home.Home Sellers are Beginning to Lower List Price

Here is what some economists across the country and financial experts think will be happening in the housing market through the end of 2021.

Jeff Tucker who is the senior economist at Zillow, a very large and maybe the largest online home listing search site, believes that the monthly home value growth...

6 Tips for Selling Your Luxury Sanibel Home

6 Tips for Selling Your Luxury Sanibel Home

You know you have a luxury home. There's no need to define it when you know whether or not you're living in a luxurious home. It's set apart from similar properties, you have those luxury features that everyone wants, and of course, the price point is skewed out of the normal average price for homes in your area. You clearly have a luxury home so how do you market and sell that home? Are there any differences to selling a luxury property? How does the process different from a traditional home?

If you are planning on selling your luxury home, here are six easy tips to get you started.

#1. Pricing it correctly from the beginning.

Let's just jump right in; pricing is really the number one thing to consider when listing and selling your luxury home. Pricing...