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Decluttering to Get Your Sanibel Home Ready to Sell- How do You Know What to Keep and What to Toss?

Decluttering to Get Your Sanibel Home Ready to Sell- How do You Know What to Keep and What to Toss?There are many things a Sanibel homeowner can do to prepare their house to be listed for sale that will help them attract buyers and receive the best offer possible. One of those things is staging the home so a buyer can imagine themselves living there. One of the steps to doing that is to declutter your home. Take things out only leaving the bare essentials for everyday functions so that a buyer can look at a home objectively for its attributes and not be distracted by another person's...

Ten Home Selling Preparations That Could Sell Your Sanibel Home Faster

Ten Home Selling Preperations That Could Sell Your Sanibel Home Faster    Selling a home is never completely easy, but there are some preparations a Sanibel homeowner can take to lighten the burden of getting their home sold. Research and numbers have shown that the proper preparation for showing your home to buyers can greatly impact the success of the home sale. While there is no guaranteed formula to get your home sold, there are some things that you can do to help it appeal to buyers. 

Here are Some Preparations You Can Make to Help Sell Your Sanibel Home

Start Now

The best time to start getting your home ready to list for sale is not 48 hours before you plan to make...

Expert Advice to Prepare for an Open House at Your Sanibel Home

Expert Advice to Prepare for an Open House at Your Sanibel HomeHosting an open house, rather having an agent host an open house, to sell your Sanibel home, is a great way to get more people in the home to see it at one time. If you have an open house coming or are considering having an open house to help get your home sold, you might be wondering what you can do to get your home ready for an open house. Here are some great tips to get you prepared. 


Staging is the act of decorating...

Taking Care of the Roof on Your Sanibel Home

Taking Care of the Roof on Your Sanibel HomeWhen you are purchasing a home in Sanibel it is good to know how old different systems in the home are as well as their current condition. For example, it is good to know how old the air conditioning unit is and the general lifespan of an air conditioning unit. If you find a home on Sanibel you are interested in and it has an air conditioner that is 15 years old and the average lifespan of an AC unit is 15 to 20 years this is important information. The home is probably going to need a new unit very soon and will affect you as the homebuyer soon after you take ownership of the home. 

One of the largest parts of a home is the roof....

Can You Sell a Home with Hurricane Damage?

Can You Sell a Home with Hurricane Damage?Dealing with damage that is left behind after a hurricane is stressful and can be very overwhelming especially if you are unsure of what your next steps should be. It can be made trickier if you are considering moving whether it is in response to the storm or you have already planned to put your home on the market or it was currently up for sale when the storm hit.

Here is a small guide to selling in hurricane-damaged home

Dealing with hurricane damages

If your home sustained significant damages from the hurricane it can be within your benefit to consider having repairs made with the help of insurance funds. In some cases, it might not be worth fixing every single issue, however. If you were dealing with...

Techniques for Adding Luxury and Value to a Home

Techniques for Adding Luxury and Value to a HomeIf you plan to sell your home in the next 5 to 10 years you might be looking for your best right moves when making renovations to your home. You want to make sure that you are improving the home for your everyday life but also thinking about what will increase value and still be desirable to future buyers.

Upgrading and adding luxury features is something that can benefit you now and later as you attract more potential buyers to your home with more appealing amenities. But you want to make sure that you are not over-personalizing your home or over-upgrading so that it ends up making your selling efforts more unique and difficult.

From simple hardware upgrades to a full room overhaul there are many...

Helpful Information about the Seller's Net Sheet in a Home Sale

Helpful Information about the Seller's Net Sheet in a Home SaleSelling a home is no small undertaking; as such, there can be seemingly hundreds of little details to keep track of, especially regarding legal terms and required documentation. One document that is little talked about in the home selling process is the seller's net sheet. It is a sheet for the benefit of the home seller to retain useful information on the transaction about the sale of their property. In some real estate transactions, a seller may receive more than one net sheet throughout the process.

What is a seller's net sheet in a real estate transaction?

The seller's net sheet, sometimes shortened to just a net sheet, is similar to the ...

Tips for Selling a Home in a Cooling Market

TIps to Selling a Home in a Cooling MarketThe real estate market has officially begun to shift toward a more balanced playing field. For the first time in several years, buyers are beginning to gain back some leverage in the real estate purchase process. According to a recent survey, about 92% of sellers accepted some form of buyer-friendly terms in home sales over the past year.

Mortgage rates have increased and prices are accelerating at a much slower pace as home inventory continues to increase. This means that sellers should be working with an expert realtor and be aware of the new conditions of the market for a successful home sale.

Here are some helpful...

Why the Right List Price Matters Much More Now Than it Used To

Why the Right List Price Matters Much More Now Than it Used ToThe overwhelming and competitive seller's market has taken a cool down from the frenzy that it has been over the last two years. What does that mean for homeowners considering selling their homes in the next few months or years?

Home prices are increasing and will continue to do so but not at the rapid pace that they have been over the last few years. There is less buyer demand for several reasons one of them being the increase in mortgage interest rates. This means that there is more home inventory on the market, especially in the last couple of weeks. And as the market conditions begin to shift the way a homeowner...

The Best Paint Colors to Use in Rooms with Very Little Light

The Best Paint ColorsTrue paint color and an overall decorative color scheme for a room can be overwhelming enough. And once you decide on a color or a color palette it can still be hard to choose an exact paint color with the thousands of options found at the home-improvement store.

And if your space is low on natural light it can seem like an even bigger challenge. But there are some colors that you can use to make a room feel lighter, brighter, larger, and more inviting.

Here are the best paint colors to use in rooms with little natural light

Pale Yellow

No better way to create an illusion of more natural light than to use the color of the sunshine itself. The light buttery hues of a pale yellow paint shade will reflect artificial light around the room without...