Creating Ample Sleeping Space in Your Sanibel Vacation Home

Creating Ample Sleeping Space in Your Sanibel Vacation HomeSanibel Island is a dream location to own a vacation home. In our opinion, it is the best place to create a home away from home. Perhaps this is why the population of Sanibel greatly increases in December when the weather is cold in other places and amazing on the island. 

Owning a vacation home is fun and provides the opportunity to make memories with your favorite people. But how are you going to host all of your favorite people and make sure they each have a comfortable place to sleep? 

Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Vacation Home Sleeping Space

Consider Your Guests

The best place to start is with a plan. The best way to plan to maximize your sleeping space is to consider who will be sleeping in your home. Do you have a collection of young cousins? Are you housing young adults, older adults, married couples? How many bedrooms do you have to sleep these guests? 

Knowing how many people and what type of people you are accommodating will help you to figure out your next steps of using your bedrooms in the best way to efficiently and comfortably welcome all of your favorite guests into your Sanibel Island vacation home. 

Creating a Bunk House

If you have a room that can house a couple of bunk beds creating a bunk house is a great efficient way to house all of the kids in the family. Depending upon the age and energy of the kids using the bunks' quality and durability are an important consideration. The great thing about bunk beds is they make use of not just the floor space but the verticle space in a room. 

There are hundreds of different bunk bed configurations. Have fun shopping for the best bunk beds for your space. You may find that a custom bunk bed build makes the most use of a room's space. There are plans for custom bunkhouse configurations all over the internet as well. 

You could house six or more kids in a room, or you could house a family with adults on a bottom larger bed and kids on top. You may be surprised to find all the ways you can utilize a bunk bed to bring more sleeping space to a room. 

Have Some Portable Beds Handy

Your guest list may not always be the same every time you are living in your home away from home. It may vary and this means the sleeping configuration may need to vary. You might find the need to create a space for an extra person in a room or shift bed spaces around. Instead of finding a way to drag a bed to a different room, have some portable beds handy. 

There are many ways you can utilize mobile beds to create extra sleeping space in a room that doesn't need a permanent presence and is much easier to set up wherever needed as your guest demographic changes. You could use a rollaway bed. You could purchase cots. You could utilize blow-up mattresses. There are some great innovations in blow-up mattresses where the mattress also comes with a frame making it sturdier and more like a permanent bed. 

Turn Extra Areas Into Extra Space

Though guests might prefer to have the privacy of their own room, if you need more space turning a living space into a bedroom for guests is a choice. Bringing in furniture that doubles as bedding is a great way to make the most of your vacation home space. We all know about the sleeper sofa, but there are many more pieces of furniture made today that convert into bedding. 

Sleeping five guests or fifteen, there is a way to make it work with some creative planning. When you have maximized the space in your Sanibel vacation home you can move on to making memories in your favorite place with your favorite people. 

For more information on finding the perfect vacation home on Sanibel contact me. I am here to help you find a Sanibel home that meets your unique needs and wants. Contact me any time for any Sanibel real estate needs. 

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