Decluttering to Get Your Sanibel Home Ready to Sell- How do You Know What to Keep and What to Toss?

Decluttering to Get Your Sanibel Home Ready to Sell- How do You Know What to Keep and What to Toss?There are many things a Sanibel homeowner can do to prepare their house to be listed for sale that will help them attract buyers and receive the best offer possible. One of those things is staging the home so a buyer can imagine themselves living there. One of the steps to doing that is to declutter your home. Take things out only leaving the bare essentials for everyday functions so that a buyer can look at a home objectively for its attributes and not be distracted by another person's personal touches on the home. 

Though putting away belongings and getting a home ready to sell can feel overwhelming, it can be a beneficial time to get more organized in your life. To take advantage of going through your things and getting rid of that extra stuff we all have that never or rarely gets used and feels like it is weighing us down. But how do you know what to get rid of? Here are some helpful decluttering tips to help you know where to begin decluttering your Sanibel home. 

Start Right Away

The sooner you start the better. It gives you more time to really think about your things and if you actually use or need certain items. Giving yourself plenty of time allows you not to feel rushed and overwhelmed. Not rushing yourself helps you avoid feeling like you pressured yourself to make a rushed decision about keeping or tossing something that you will regret later. It also gives you time to sell items or take them to consignment and make a little extra cash. 

If you don't know where to start or feel like the job is too big, start with one room at a time. Break it down even further and do a section of a room, like a closet or under the bed. Give yourself a goal and even a time limit to help it feel attainable and less overwhelming. 

Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure shared some excellent tips for de-cluttering.

"The best way to declutter a house or condo is to go room by room. If you do it piecemeal, it will take longer and be less efficient. The key is letting go of things you know you don't need. We all have an inner pack rat gene. Some have it worse than others.

By letting go of things you don't use weekly or monthly, decluttering will go much more smoothly. You'll be able to see the fruits of your labor quickly.

The other thing I recommend is knowing the value of your possessions. You don't want to toss things that could have value to someone else. If something seems valuable to others, it probably will be. You can put these items into a pile and try to sell them.

If you have enough things that are worth something, you can consider having a yard sale. An excellent way to sell a few items is through Facebook Marketplace."

Think About Your Next Home

As you decide what to pack up and what doesn't need to come with you to the next home, consider the size of your new home. If you have not yet found your next home think about what you will be looking for. Will this home be bigger? Will it be smaller? Will it have the same amount of storage space or less? If you are moving to an equally large space or larger resist the temptation to take things with you that don't need to come. It will be easier to unpack things you need and use. Unpacking can become daunting so save the trouble of unpacking things you should just get rid of it. 

Target Stuff Categories to Get Rid of

There are some items that you can easily say. "Yep, I don't need that," so just toss them out without thinking. These include items in the following categories: 

Not Touched in 6 Mos to a Year

If there are items in your home you haven't used in a while or can't remember the last time you used them, you don't need these things. If you haven't missed the item wondering where it went or completely forgot the item until you saw it again it's time to give the item a new home. This is especially true for clothing. 

Something is Still in the Box

If something in your home has been sitting around still in the original packaging or with the tags on and you can't remember when it was purchased, this is an item you can get rid of. Maybe you were given a gift that just didn't suit you. Maybe you felt bad getting rid of it. Now is the time to let these things go. Make plans to give them to someone else or sell them. 

Piles of Paperwork

Staying on top of paperwork can be a last resort priority. When you are dealing with clutter and preparing to move there is no more putting it off until later. The same rule applies to paperwork. If you have clippings, recipes, etc just sitting around recycle them and let them get made into something useful. If you have important papers like old tax returns, you only need to keep those for three years. Any receipts from those returns or bank paperwork can be shredded and disposed of. Then there is the critically important paperwork you need to keep forever, your birth certificate, your social security card, certificates of authenticity, etc. These should be kept in a special-looking drawer or safe. 

Things with Expiration Dates

If there is food in the pantry or medicine that is well past the use-by date, throw it away. If you have unused prescriptions that will never be used again consider calling up the pharmacy to ask if they will dispose of them for you. 

Bulk Buys and Extras

If you found something on sale and bought a bunch of them to save money on future purchases or picked up extras of something. Or maybe just pick up something every time you see a new cute one like a coffee mug, ask yourself how many of that item you really do need. You might find that 10 coffee mugs are plenty instead of the collection of 35+ you didn't realize you accumulated. 

Books and Magazines

Paper reading material is one of the heaviest items to move. Lighten your load by releasing items you do not read. Donate to your local library or a local club. Bless yourself with less to carry around and bless others with new interesting things to read.

If you are considering selling your Sanibel home, I am here to help. contact me any time with any Sanibel Island real estate needs, both buying and selling homes for any reason, including full-time, vacation homes, and investment properties. 

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