Frequently Asked Questions About Sanibel Right Now

Frequently Asked Questions About Sanibel Right NowIf you have ever searched something on the internet by sticking a question in a web browser you may have seen a series of questions related to your search that pop up in the search feed about three or four results down the list. A list titled "People Also Ask." This is a short list of frequently asked questions on the same subject you searched. If you are searching for information on Sanibel Island you will find a list of questions people are asking about Sanibel. Here are four of the most frequently asked questions about Sanibel right now according to Google. But don't settle for a web search answer. Let us help you out with the answers.

Is Sanibel OK to Visit Now?

Sanibel Island is very much OK to visit. Hurricane Ian left quite a path of destruction in September 2022. It has been a year and five months since the storm and Sanibel has been open to off-island visitors for quite a long time. The island was closed to almost everyone right after the storm hit to help emergency crews and first responders get important work done so the island was safe to come back to. 

After the storm, the only people allowed on the island were residents and homeowners who had proper identification passes to move past the checkpoints. The bridge to Sanibel was washed out and this created a challenge for people to get back to their homes. But with some fast and hard work, the bridge was rebuilt in a matter of weeks. After about 6 months, more people were allowed back on the island. Today there are no restrictions for coming and going across the bridge. Sanibel is open to visitors and many areas are back to business like usual. 

Has Sanibel Island Been Rebuilt?

Some areas of Sanibel are still under construction in an effort to get back up and running. Some resorts are still rebuilding. Some properties had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Some businesses with older buildings took a huge impact and have decided not to reopen. This is sad news to not see some beloved businesses not coming back, but it can also create new opportunities for other businesses. Some restaurants have moved into vacant buildings allowing them to offer a larger dining space and an expanded menu. Some stores are more beautiful than ever with brand-new construction. The latest businesses to reopen are some of the condo resorts and the famous Shell Museum. Now many Sanibel organizations are getting back up on their feet to provide social events and fundraisers bringing back the community atmosphere that has been so beloved. 

Has Sanibel Island Recovered From Hurricane Ian? 

This question is pretty similar to the question above. The answer is that some areas still look like they have only just begun to rebuild while other pockets look like nothing has ever happened. You would never know there was a major hurricane just over a year ago. 

If you have been to Sanibel before and have not been back since the storm, you might be surprised to find certain areas are rebuilt, but they are different. They may not be as green and lush as they once were. Probably the first spot you will notice this is on the Causeway coming across the water. The Causeway that takes you across San Carlos Bay had grass, trees, and picnic tables. Today you can still see the remnants of construction work. As you enter the island some homes are beautifully rebuilt but some, such as the beach condo communities, look like a skeleton of what once was but things will grow back. 

Are Sanibel Beaches Open After Ian? 

Many of Sanibel's beaches are open for locals and tourists to enjoy. Beach parking is cleaned up and ready for easy beach access. (Do remember parking is paid or by permit only, you don't want to get a hefty fine for not paying the parking fee.) Some beaches were hit harder than others and all beaches shut down after the storm. Beaches reopened slowly after the local government ensured their safety and made sure to communicate that some beach properties not rebuilt would like to retain privacy. 

Some beaches incurred a significant amount of erosion and more sand was brought in from other areas to build the beach back up to where it once was. Several beaches are now in the condition that residents and visitors have always remembered. Many people are back out at spots like Lighthouse Beach Park enjoying the gorgeous scenery, and water sports. and combing the beach for shells. 

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