Germ Zapping Devices That Could Be Handy in Your Sanibel Home

Germ Zapping Devices That Could Be Handy in Your Sanibel HomeThough Sanibel Island is not a cold climate during the winter it is cooler and there is an increase in cases of illness in Florida, as with many parts of the world during the winter. That being said, Sanibel homeowners are probably interested in ways to keep their homes as germ-free as possible to help combat potential illness. Several great and handy items for your home can help keep germs at bay especially when illness is more likely spreading.

Light fixtures

There are specially designed lightbulbs that can help to destroy germs in your home. One of them the LIFX color 26 claims to wipe out E. coli and S aureus on kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, phones, and any other surfaces in the home that it hits prone to germs. The lightbulb uses HEV light which is high energy visible light. This is safer than UV lighting which is dangerous to eyes and skin and can be rough on plants and paintings as well as pets. With the particular bulb mentioned above you can program it smartly to give off certain amounts of light to mimic natural sunshine patterns during the day and to schedule the bacteria cleaning mode at times when you are not using the room. These bulbs are incredibly handy at keeping your space germ-free but they do come at a higher cost compared to more traditional lightbulbs.

Air purifiers

There is much more hanging out in our air than we realize and for this reason, there are several different air purifying systems on the market. Some offer HEPA filters while others offer extra levels of purification including oxidation and even some pull out traces of formaldehyde that could be hanging out in your air. Some of the most dependable on the market right now include the Dyson purifier humidifier and cool formaldehyde, the Molekule air pro, and the Blue Pure Air 411 IMAX.

There are even purifying systems with extremely smart technology like the germ guardian. Germ guardian works with voice commands to help you monitor what is currently in the air and set the system to capture and purify irritants and allergens. The germ guardian comes with a charcoal filter that gets rid of irritants as well as odors and can't even help kill mold spores. You can even monitor the air quality in your home from anywhere through the app that you can download to your smartphone. It will also help you to remember when to swap out filters and bulbs in your home.

Antimicrobial countertops

Did you know that some hard surface countertops have antimicrobial properties? Using high-quality countertop materials like marble and quartz gives you the added protection of antimicrobial properties. An anti-microbial surface inhibits the growth of microorganisms that can cause illness in your home. Who doesn't want this available in their kitchen and bathrooms? Two areas where germs are easily prevalent, especially during cold and flu season. You can rest at ease with a combination of a germ-killing lightbulb and an anti-microbial countertop in your most used and frequented spaces in your Sanibel home.

Keeping germs at bay is a high priority for many of us, especially in the last couple of years. Some of these gadgets may be a little bit pricey but they could be well worth it and could save you a lot of money in medical visits. However, it is good to realize that this is not medical advice and should not be taken instead of talking with a medical professional if you require medical assistance.

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