Great Reasons to Purchase a Sanibel Vacation Home

Great Reasons to Purchase a Sanibel Vacation HomeSanibel Island is a premier vacation destination. People from all around the world come to Sanibel to experience the best Florida beach vacation. For this reason, a large portion of homeowners in Sanibel are part-time residents. They have fallen in love with Sanibel and purchased a vacation home here. Why do people choose to purchase a Sanibel vacation home and marry themselves to the same vacation spot? Because Sanibel is amazing and there are several benefits to owning a second home. 

Reasons to Purchase a Sanibel Vacation Home

To Be Able to Visit Your Favorite Place Whenever You Want

This of course is the main reason why people purchase a second home. To have a place to get away and visit a space that is special any time they want for as long as they want. Whether you just want to ensure you have a great place where you can get truly comfortable and visit a couple of weekends out of the year, or you are a snowbird and looking to escape the cold for months. Having a home away from home that you call all the shots and can pick up and visit whenever you want is the main reason for purchasing a second home. 

Building Wealth

Purchasing any home helps you to build wealth. Having a second home helps you to build your net worth twice as fast as owning one home. Real estate is considered an asset. Real estate has appreciated in value 99% of the time. Property owners benefit from the increase in the value of their homes. The big benefit comes with selling the property, but it can also be helpful when you are applying for other loans because it is seen as wealth/assets or something that could be sold to get money so it looks good on a loan application (except for debt to income ratio). 

Vickie Davies of Knieper Team Real Estate in Granbury Texas shares this in a blog post about investing in a home:

"Real estate is one of the only lucrative investments that allows you to enjoy your investment both now and later."

Ability to Build Community

If you frequently visit Sanibel already and continually rent a home from someone else or stay in one of the resorts, you probably enjoy your stay, but rarely get to know anyone around you. Purchasing a vacation home allows you to come more frequently and get to know the neighbors. You get to build community with the people around you. You might even find a special community of other vacation property owners where you become lifelong friends and your families get to know their families, your kids "grow up" together and you get a chance to make your trips just so much more special. 

A Place for Tradition

Owning a vacation home becomes an anchoring spot for many families and their extended family members. Some vacation homes stay in the family for generations. A couple purchases a vacation home and has kids and brings their family there every summer and then the kids grow up and have kids of their own. All of those new families come back to the vacation home every summer and generational traditions are built. Summer at the vacation home becomes an anchor for family time and traditions.  A place where extended family comes to get away and enjoy one another and come together after growing apart and going their own way. It's a spot to enjoy time-honored traditions and family reunions. 

A Place to Escape and De-Stress

Life is busier and busier as time rolls on. Sometimes you just need to escape it all and go to your favorite place away from the everyday. Heading out to Sanibel gets you out of the daily rush and hustle of the city and the suburbs. It is slower and more relaxed here. The beaches are some of the best in the world, yet they are never overly crowded like spring break in Miami. It is relaxed and quiet and full of natural ambiance. It is a place to unwind and owning a home means unwinding whenever you need to. 

If you are looking to purchase a vacation home on Sanibel Island, I am here to help. Contact me any time to find the perfect vacation home or condo. Whether you are looking for something on the beach, something near the preserve, or something hidden in a nook of the inland spaces, I am here for all of your Sanibel real estate needs.  

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