Home Inspection is Important When Buying a Sanibel Home Post Hurricane

Home Inspection is Important When Buying a Sanibel Home Post HurricaneAs March comes to an end and April is quickly upon us, we thought we would take a minute to mention that April is Home Inspection Month. With this coming up we would like to highlight the importance of conducting a home inspection when you purchase a Sanibel Island home. We are just over 2 and a half years post-hurricane, and it is worth mentioning that all Sanibel and Captiva Island homes have recently withstood Hurricane Ian. For this reason, making sure you hire the right inspector is even more important when purchasing a Sanibel or Captiva home. 

The Importance of Home Inspection on ANY Home

Walking through a home allows you to see what condition it is in, but with a home, there could be several things unseen or unchecked by the unknowing average homeowner. For this reason, when purchasing any home anywhere you want a professional to come in and check these areas. This is why a home inspection contingency is pretty basic and expected in a home purchase offer. 

Finding a Knowledgeable Inspector

When purchasing a Sanibel home, you want to hire a real estate inspector who is local to the area and has complete knowledge and understanding of hurricane damage. This means a professional that knows current hurricane damage building codes, how materials can hold up in a hurricane, the common building practices of homes built during different timeframes in Sanibel, what to look for when ruling out hurricane damage still existing, and what to look for when checking work and repairs done on hurricane-damaged homes to ensure they are safe and properly repaired. Not every inspection professional with a license will have this knowledge. 

Always Use an Inspection Contingency on a Sanibel Home Purchase

When constructing a strong purchase offer with the help of an expert real estate agent on a Sanibel home, never leave out the inspection contingency. This gives the buyer protection to back out of their offer without losing earnest money. A home buyer is still able to conduct an inspection without the contingency but will not be able to back out of the home purchase without losing their earnest money. So many buyers were waiving this contingency when competition was fierce for homes in 2020 and 2021, no matter the market conditions this contingency protects a buyer from finding something concerningly wrong with a home and facing purchasing the home anyway or losing a significant amount of money. 

Look the Disclosures Over Carefully

When it comes to a home that has been through a hurricane, the homeowner is required by law to report everything they know about the home. This includes past significant problems that the home incurred while the owner had possession of the home and fixed it. It is incredibly important to look over every disclosure on the home listing or in the purchase contract. 

A special disclosure to make sure you look out for is who is living in the home. If the current owner is not the person residing in the home, they may not be aware of certain damages the home has taken on and therefore not disclose them. You want to make sure that you are dealing directly with the homeowner and know who the legal owner is, but also make sure you are receiving all important information from the person residing in the home as well if they are not the owner. It has happened many times with homes post-storm where the seller does not live in the home and does not disclose damage claiming they had no knowledge of it because they don't actually live in the home. 

A home inspection is always important on any home purchase and especially important on the purchase of a Sanibel Island home that has recently withstood a hurricane. Making sure that you have an inspector who knows exactly what to look for and how to make sure that homes have been repaired properly or can give helpful insight into how much potential home repairs could cost is essential.

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