Increase Your Sanibel Home's Security with Smart Locks

Increase Your Sanibel Home's Security with Smart LocksHome security is an important aspect of homeownership for many Sanibel Island homeowners. The island is small and quiet in many places, but an increase in property theft around the country has many homeowners realizing that taking steps to secure their property is a smart move. Many homeowners are finding smart devices to be a cost-effective way to keep their homes secure. One popular smart device that many homeowners have purchased is smart locks.

Smart locks keep improving their technology. Before you purchase a smart lock to keep your home secure you want to make sure it is a quality lock that will keep unwanted guests on the correct side of the door. 

Good Criteria for Measuring Smart Locks

  • Ability to Integrate with Other Tech: A smart lock is only really smart if you are able to use it with other smart technology platforms. Locks that can pair with systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, etc. are important to your lock truly operating like a smart device. 
  • Ease of Use and Installation: Nobody wants an overly complicated device that takes too long to figure out how to operate or to fix if there is a glitch with the internet or Wi-Fi or communicating with other systems. You may want to talk to your local Island professional about what's new and available. Island Locksmith has been providing professional locksmith services and hardware on Sanibel & Captiva since 1976.  
  • Extra Entry Methods: Newer smart locks have more than one method of unlocking the door to your home. This can include opening the door through an app, using a PIN code (or several), a fingerprint, etc. This allows you to adjust the use of the lock to what is easiest for you. 
  • Extra Security Features: Locks offer other security features like alarms, encryptions, tamper alerts, and more to give added layers of security to your front door.

The Top Five Smart Locks of  2024

Now that you know what makes for a good, convenient, and top-quality door lock, let's take a look at some of the highest-rated locks. This list of 2024 best smart locks comes from the National Association of Realtors Blog. The author personally tested over 30 locks and these are what made the list of the best smart locks of 2024. Here are their top five. 

Aqara Smart Lock U100

The Aqara U100 was recognized at the top of the list for its easy compatibility with Apple's HomeKit. It also pairs and plays nicely with both Google and Alexa. It is weather-resistant and has several different access methods some of which include fingerprint access and NFC tags

Lockly Vision Elite

Lockley is a combination door lock and video doorbell, it is two devices in one. The installation is a little more difficult as compared to a stand-alone smart lock. The solar panel charging option makes it even more cutting-edge. No more batteries, how awesome is that?

Kwikset Halo Touch

There is no hub required to set up the Kwikset Halo Touch smart lock. This allows users to lock the lock remotely with the Kwikset app. Everyone can have their own special access code. The lock will allow for up to 250 different codes. Give the lock voice commands using the Google Home or Amazon Alexa systems. Some of the favorite features noted about the lock include intrusion detection, easy DIY instructions for installation, a lifetime warranty on mechanics, 1-year warranty on electronics, and auto-lock security.

A smart lock is a great way to start a journey of integrating smart security devices into your Sanibel home. Not only do smart locks allow you to know what is going on with your front door while you are not at home, but they can also offer easy hands-free entry to your home when you are coming home with a hand full of whatever. 

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