Is Living in the Beach Town of Sanibel Right for You?

Is Living in the Beach Town of Sanibel Right for You?Living on Sanibel Island near the beach is a lifelong dream for many homebuyers. The ability to visit the beach whenever you want, to just hop off the couch and take a walk or short drive to the sand and water. It is a dream lifestyle that so many people aspire to or at least try to vacation to. 

Not everything about living in a beach town is amazing, there are some drawbacks to consider before moving to a popular beach destination full-time. Before making the huge investment and commitment of purchasing a Sanibel dream beach home, it is best to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a home on or near the beach. 

Reasons to Pack Up and Move to a Beach Town

The Beach

This is of course at the top of the list because the beach is the main focus of living in a location close to the beach. The beach is what is drawing you to Sanibel. Even if you do not live right on the beach you can get to the amazing beaches of Sanibel within a few minutes no matter where you are on the island. The beaches here are amazing, The sand is soft, the shells are incredible, the water is gorgeous, and there are so many different ways to spend your time in this beautifully breathtaking space. 

Health Benefits

Time and time again studies have proven that living on the water is a benefit to your health. Gregg a real estate agent in Santa Cruz another great American beach town with Property In Santa Cruz shares this in a blog post about the health benefits of beach living:

"It may seem silly but research has shown living near the beach improves your health. Not only is living near the beach mood boosting the fresh salt air and the ocean breezes are also beneficial. Studies have found that having a higher water content in the air is beneficial. They have also found that people who live near the beach tend to be happier overall and also are more physically active. It is easy to get out and get moving when you want to go out and enjoy the sun, shore, and surf." 

Property Value Retention

Homes on the water have a higher value. This is mainly because homes in great locations are always in demand. This means that beach town homeowners retain a higher home value and have a healthy amount of equity in their homes. 

Vickie Davies of the Knieper Team in Granbury Texas (a charming town on a lake) shares this in a blog post about the value of waterfront properties:

"A study published by Black Knight has shown that waterfront locations have held a consistently higher value in real estate properties as compared to landlocked homes."

Always Outdoor Activities to Enjoy

When you live near the beach you live near an amazing place to enjoy several recreational activities whenever you want. Invest in a kayak or paddle board and get in some exercise that doesn't seem like work. Go for a swim. Take up fishing and catch a healthy dinner. Or just get out and take a walk through the sand. It's never boring out here. 

Reasons No Beach Town is Perfect

Occasional Storms

The beach is beautiful but it is also ever-constant and moving for this reason storm patterns are likely during certain times of the year here. It is rare but it does happen where severe hurricanes hit the island hard. Summer to early fall is storm season and it does rain frequently in Florida, but when you are prepared for it properly it can be kind of fun to experience minor weather. 

Sand in Your Home

Living near the beach means bringing a little bit of the beach home with you. Sand is soft on Sanibel but just like any sand, it comes home with you. You will have sand in places you didn't know sand could be. But with the right tricks, you will become a pro at limiting the amount of sand in your car, clothes, shoes, house, etc. 

More People

Sanibel is relatively laid back and peaceful. At certain times of the year, even though it never gets incredibly crowded, you will notice the population increases. This may mean getting used to long lines at your favorite coffee spot or breakfast spot at certain times because it is the most popular spot on the island and all of the visitors love it too. 

Cost of a Home

This is both a pro and a con. Sanibel homes retain a higher value because they are in such a great desirable location that people will always want to be in. This also means the initial investment is going to cost more as well. Investing in a Sanibel home on or near the beach is always a sound investment, but it will take a little more money upfront. With a sound buying strategy, you may find a Sanibel property pretty affordable. 

If you are looking for a home in Sanibel, contact me any time. I am here to help you find the perfect home in this ideal South Florida beach town. Get in touch with me any time to discuss your Sanibel real estate needs. 

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