Is North Captiva Part of Captiva Island?

Is North Captiva Part of Captiva Island?Captiva Island is a very small island located off the coast of southwest Florida. It is often noticed because it is located at the north end of the highly popular Sanibel Island. When people discover Captiva Island at the north end of Sanibel they often have many questions about Sanibel's smaller sister island. One of them is if North Captiva is part of Captiva Island.

Is North Captiva Part of Captiva Island? 

The answer to this question is no. Though North Captiva sounds like it is just a portion of actual Captiva Island, they are two separate islands. North Captiva Island is separated from Captiva Island by Redfish Pass, a body of water that connects Pine Island Sound with the Gulf of Mexico. 

About North Captiva Island

North Captiva Island is sometimes also called Upper Captiva Island (another name leading people to think it encompasses a portion of the actual Captiva Island). North Captiva Island is not connected in any way to Captiva Island or the mainland The only way to get to North Captiva Island is by boat, jet ski, ferry, or a very small plane with special prior permission to fly in. The island is a no-car island. The only way to get around North Captiva is by golf cart or bike. 

North Captiva Island is a perfect getaway island because you have to be more thoughtful in your travel to get here. The beaches feature white sugary sand and crystal-clear water. The island is so small you won't even miss having a car. Most people walk or travel with a golf cart along the sandy unpaved roads. It keeps the atmosphere relaxed and makes it incredibly safe especially for children. 

The Island Club at North Captiva offers the perfect island getaway with the amenities and niceties of modern living. The club features a popular poolside restaurant. It's popular for its burgers and the amazing cocktails served up by friendly staff. 

North Captiva was once part of Captiva Island. The islands split as a result of the Tarpon Springs Hurricane in 1921 which created a channel now known as Redfish Pass. About 50 years after the hurricane people began to settle on North Captiva. There are somewhere around 300 full-time residents living on this "remote" southwest barrier island. Many homes are located along the northernmost tip of the island and down toward the bay. As more people build homes on the island, measures have been put in place to limit the number of buildings to preserve the natural beauty of the island. Real estate on North Captiva starts at around $1.2 million. 

About Captiva Island

Captiva is the smaller sister island of Sanibel Island. Not many people realize Captiva is there until they visit Sanibel. Unlike North Captiva, Captiva Island can be accessed by a car, but only through driving across the entire length of Sanibel Island. Captiva is connected to Sanibel with a bridge on Sanibel's west end. Captiva used to be part of Sanibel Island until a hurricane created Blind Pass and separated the island in two in 1926. The Pass was dredged in 2009 to make the separation permanent as it refilled over time. Captiva has some unique secrets of its own, like being the place where a portion of the film G.I Jane was filmed and a favorite spot of Theodore Roosevelt. This quiet island is also a spot where some celebrities have come to live and/or vacation in privacy. 

Captiva is 7 miles long, about half the length of Sanibel. Though it is small it is not lacking in natural southwest Florida beauty or fun things to do. Captiva is home to some of South Florida's favorite restaurants the most recognized is probably the Bubble Room with its colorful paint and the Tween Waters Resort for its location and upscale dining venues. 

There are many more homes to be found on Captiva as compared to North Captiva Island. There is a wider variety of home types on Captiva as well. If you are looking for something that is quiet and allows for privacy but not necessarily the optimal privacy of a car-less island, Captiva, Sanibel's little sister is a good choice. For more information about living on Captiva Island and available home listings start by looking at our Captiva Island page. 

If you are ready to purchase a home on Captiva Island, I am here to help. I am a local realtor working on Sanibel and Captiva Island. I am happy to make your move to Captiva as smooth as possible, whether it be full-time or part-time. Contact me any time with any Captiva real estate needs. 

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