Lee County Has New Property Deed Recording Requirements

Lee County Has New Property Deed Recording RequirementsStarting the first day of next year, Lee County will have new requirements for recording property deeds. 

This change stretches beyond Lee County across the entire state of Florida. Requests and a push for the changes originated in Lee County with the Lee County Clerk Kevin Karnes in partnership with state lawmakers. They initiated the process with the introduction of HB 1419 to make it much more difficult to file a fraudulent property deed. 

Exactly What Will Change in the Deed Recording Process

Under the current recording process, it is required that each deed have the signatures of two different witnesses. Each of the two witnesses must have their names legibly printed typewritten or stamped just below the legal signature. On January 1 2024 it will also be required that each witness provide their pot office address on the deed as well. 

Karnes, the Lee County Clerk believes this will be added protection to make it even harder for a property to be stolen through a deed recording. He is optimistic about the new recording process in partnership with the property fraud prevention pilot program. 

What is the Property Fraud Prevention Pilot?

This pilot program is another layer of property fraud protection. The official full name of the program is The Title Fraud Prevention Through Identity Verification Pilot Program. The program requires that every person with a name listed on the legal title document be filed with the clerk to provide a government-issued identification document with a photo for the deed to be officially processed and accepted into the legal record. 

Lee County is Florida's chosen location for a pilot program in this added layer of fraud protection with property deeds. The pilot has been running in Lee County since the summer of 2023. Having a government-issued photo ID assists officials in investigating fraudulent activity. Having a legal photo ID included makes it easier for law enforcement to verify that the parties named on the deed are who they say they are. 

Another Added Layer of Protection Offered to Sanibel Island Homeowners

Lee County officials want Sanibel homeowners and homebuyers to know that they can add another layer of important protection for their property deeds by signing up for the Lee Clerk's free Property Fraud Alert Service. This service provides notification by letting a person know if another document is submitted with their name. This can include mortgages, deeds, and other forms of a similar fashion. The place to sign up is at www.leeclerk.org/fraudalert

It is always important to know all of the steps of homeownership and how they change with time. It is equally important to not become a victim of growing property theft crimes, especially in areas experiencing natural disaster recovery or where vacation properties are more common. 

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