Lighthouse Beach Bayside Lot Will Close Starting This Week

Lighthouse Beach Bayside Lot Will Close Starting This WeekAs a continued effort to get Sanibel back to pre-hurricane conditions the city of Sanibel is working on the beach nourishment project. This project is a stage of rebuilding the Sanibel beaches by bringing in sand and revitalizing island beaches. The beaches of Sanibel and Captiva are one of the biggest draws to the island. They not only bring several visitors to the islands to enjoy some of the most amazing beaches in Florida and the world but they also provide a comforting spot to frequently visit for those who live here year around.

 The Closing of the Lighthouse Beach Bayside Parking Lot

On February 20, 2024, the city will temporarily close the Bayside parking lot at Lighthouse Beach Park. The closing of this parking lot is to provide a staging space for contractors and equipment. The Bayside parking lot is the one near the fishing pier. The lot will be closed temporarily to help ensure the best environmentally friendly practices with as little impact on the beaches as possible. The city of Sanibel is conscientious and responsible in caring for the environment and especially making sure that shorebird nesting is unharmed in the process of re-nourishing the beaches.

Staging at the Bayside parking lot will be for contractors to re-nourish the Lighthouse Beach and the Donax access point. Closing this parking lot gives contractors access to these areas without harming or displacing any wildlife through the process.

There will still be access to the beach for the public as well as accessible parking. Only the Bayside parking lot will be closed to house construction equipment like sand trucks. The gulf-side parking lot that is at Lighthouse Beach will remain open during the project.

The Latest Plans for the Beach Re-nourishment on Sanibel Island

The beach re-nourishment project began in December 2023 after some delayed plans to bring re-nourishment to the beaches mainly through bringing in several trucks full of sand to rebuild the shoreline that was washed away by the hurricane. The bulk of the waiting time for the project to begin was due to retaining signed notices to gain access to the beach from homeowners who lived along the areas being revitalized.

The closure of the parking lot will allow sand trucks to come into the area so that they can begin to place sand on the eastern portion of Reach Four and Reach Five which is the area from Donax to Lighthouse Beach.

Significant erosion occurred in these areas after the hurricane brought storm surges onto the shores and pulled much of the shoreline out into the water as the surge receded. This created channeled gullies along the coastline. The project is focusing on replacing around 400,000 tons of sand to bring the beach berm back to the state it was before the storm and fill in any gullies created by the storm surge.

This is not the only area that will be revitalized by the project. The project is expected to continue for another couple of months and wrap up in April 2024. This is however just an estimate, it could take a little bit longer or it could be done in a lesser timeframe. The project will bring between 120 and 160 trucks to the island hauling between two and three loads of sand every day back and forth. Work will be carried out from the hours of 6 AM to 6 PM on Monday through Friday. If needed the same work timeframe will be utilized on Saturdays.

If you are driving to or from Sanibel Island in the early morning you may notice a large concentration of sand trucks as they arrive on the island with their first loads of sand. The city has planned for the trucks to be spread out during the day with their travels bringing sand to the beaches so that they have a lesser impact on island traffic.

Five stretches of the Sanibel beach line are on the calendar for revitalization. Some plans allow for more than one stretch of beach line to be worked on during the same time. Once the planned sections are fully complete the work crews will move on to the next planned section of each line. Beaches, or portions of beaches, being worked on of course will be closed while under construction, and other areas of Sanibel beaches will remain open. The plan is to continue to provide plenty of beach areas for locals and visitors to enjoy while the project is underway.

Finding Out All the Detailed Information

If you have more questions about the beach re-nourishment project you can head to the City of Sanibel website. They have listed out all of the latest updates for the project as well as frequently asked questions and answers to those questions. You can also watch a presentation of the latest progress for the project by clicking on a link on the website. You can also watch a full explanation of the re-nourishment project that was presented in December on the website.

To find the latest updates on how the project is going or any necessary closures or extensions of the timeline check back at the city of Sanibel website regularly.

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