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Home Upgrades to Consider Making as You Restore Your Home in Sanibel Island

Home Upgrades to Consider Making as You Restore Your Home in Sanibel IslandAs homeowners on Sanibel Island begin to recover from the devastation that hurricane Ian brought to the island some may be wondering if they should take this opportunity of rebuilding and remodeling their homes to make a few upgrades and fixes.

It is good to know that any upgrades you make above what was already in your home will cost extra money from your own pocket as insurance is in place to give funds for rebuilding your home to the current status it was in before the hurricane occurred. But if you have the funds and ability to do so now could be a good opportunity to make some upgrades you have been thinking...

Latest Inforamtion About Mail Services on Sanibel Island

latest information about mail services on sanibelAs the island is still working to get back up on its feet and functioning better than it ever did before, the City of Sanibel has shared some important information on where residents of Sanibel Island can get their mail while services are still waiting to be restored at a normal capacity. 

Where to Get Your Mail on Sanibel Island After Hurricane Ian

The City of Sanibel has been broadcasting live update videos from its Facebook page. The live Facebook video on the City of Sanibel Facebook page from November 17th shared information from the Sanibel Island postmaster Tirzah Althouse....

Can You Sell a Home with Hurricane Damage?

Can You Sell a Home with Hurricane Damage?Dealing with damage that is left behind after a hurricane is stressful and can be very overwhelming especially if you are unsure of what your next steps should be. It can be made trickier if you are considering moving whether it is in response to the storm or you have already planned to put your home on the market or it was currently up for sale when the storm hit.

Here is a small guide to selling in hurricane-damaged home

Dealing with hurricane damages

If your home sustained significant damages from the hurricane it can be within your benefit to consider having repairs made with the help of insurance funds. In some cases, it might not be worth fixing every single issue, however. If you were dealing...

Information About Insuring a Vacation Home

Information About Insuring a Vacation HomeIn the same way that your first home is crucially important to insure, so is a secondary vacation home. Vacation properties are often in locations that come with a higher risk factor, areas that are highly desirable to visit, but also prone to harsh weather and other risks. Insurance coverage for a vacation home may come at a higher cost and it is good to know all the details about insurance for a vacation home before purchasing one. 

The biggest factors that impact vacation home insurance costs

Homeowners' policies for second homes do provide the same type of coverage as for your first full-time home, but the cost can be a bit higher than that of a first home. There are many factors that play a role in...

Does Hurricane Damage Impact Property or Home Value?

Does Hurricane Damage Impact Property or Home Value?If you own a home in southern Florida or are considering a move here, you. may be wondering if it is a good investment to purchase a home or how your home value has been impacted after seeing the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. 

Do hurricanes create a negative impact on the local housing market?

Research several times has shown that there is a positive long-term impact as a result of hurricanes. These reports also show that home sales happen less frequently and at a lower cost immediately following storm damage. This probably comes as no surprise. Research from former hurricanes has also shown that pending sales can drop by as much as 50% in Florida housing markets post-hurricane....

The Latest Information About Power Restoration on Sanibel Island

The Latest Information About Power Restoration on Sanibel IslandThe City of Sanibel shared on Sunday 11/13 updated information about restoring power to a structure on the island. This latest information has to do with the proper channels that electrical contractors and electrical engineers must go through in order to request that the LCEC turn on the power to a structure on the island. 

Protocols for Electrical Contractors to Request Power Restoration

An electrical contractor that is licensed within the state of Florida may inspect and submit an affidavit to restore power to residential structures requiring service less than 600 A or 240 V and commercial structures requiring less than 800 A or 240 V.


Businesses That are Now Open on Sanibel Island after Hurricane Ian

Businesses That are Now Open on Sanibel Island after Hurricane IanResidents of Sanibel Island celebrated as the Sanibel causeway was repaired to a point of being able to accept traffic again on October 19, much sooner than expected. When the hurricane hit at a category four level of intensity on September 28 some expected it to be several months before the bridge would be usable.

The impact of the Causeway in getting people back to their properties on the island was understood and government authorities expedited the repair process to be ready for allowing traffic on October 21. It was met with much anticipation and happiness that the Causeway was able to take traffic days earlier. The Causeway is still closed to anyone...

What to Do if Insurance Denies Your Hurricane Ian Damage Claim

What to Do if Insurance Denies Your Hurricane Ian Damage ClaimResidents of Sanibel Island have just begun to return to their homes on the island in the last couple of weeks. As they are able to return to their property they have begun taking the necessary steps to rebuild their homes by documenting the damage and reporting a claim to their insurance company. But what if your insurance company is dragging its feet in response to you? Or is not offering the coverage you feel it should? Or what if they are not offering any coverage at all? Do you have to take their answer or is there a way you can get help to push back and renegotiate?

Is it common to receive an unexpected response from your insurance company?

It is not uncommon...

What is FEMA's 50% Rule?

What is FEMA's 50% Rule? Many property owners on Sanibel Island with good reason have questions about FEMA's 50% rule and the National Flood Insurance Program when it comes to getting back on track after hurricane Ian. 

The FEMA 50% rule is a regulation put in place by the National Flood Insurance Program prohibiting improvements to a structure that exceeds 50% of its market value unless the entire structure is brought into full compliance with current flood regulations. These current code compliance measures could include items like elevating a property structure or using certain flood-resistant materials in the building as well as installing proper flood venting.

There was recently a question and answer session with Jeffrey Parker of the National Flood Insurance Program that helped to answer everyone's...

Receiving Help with Debris Removal and Finding Lost Items After Hurricane Ian

Recieving Help with Debris Removal and Finding Lost Items After Hurricane IanThe city of Sanibel Florida released yesterday information on how private residents can receive help with debris cleanup on private property as well as commercial properties after hurricane Ian. They have also listed ways in which residents can receive help for any displaced and abandoned houses, vehicles, vessels, or other titled property.

Cleanup assistance will be provided through the Florida Division of Emergency Management with a filled-out application. There is a separate application for each type of help being requested. One application is specifically for general debris removal and the other is for debris...