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A Closer Look at Blind Pass Beach on Sanibel

A Closer Look at Blind Pass Beach on SanibelSanibel Island has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. One of the most recognized is Blind Pass Beach. To help you get to know the island, we thought we would take you on a closer look at Blind Pass Beach. 

About Blind Pass Beach

Blind Pass Beach is the last beach you come to on the island of Sanibel as you are traveling across the island from the mainland by car. Sanibel is accessed through the Causeway on the southeast end. This is the only way to get to the island by car. It puts...

Construction is Underway on Sanibel's First New Resort in Years

Construction is Underway on Sanibel's First New Resort in YearsHurricane Ian left its mark on Sanibel Island some time ago, but there are many areas of the island that are still recovering. The Shalimar Beach Resort has been in Sanibel since 1959. When Ian hit the island the resort sustained more damage than several other businesses. The cute beach cottages were so damaged they could not be saved. But the resort is rebuilding and broke ground about a month ago at an official ceremonial groundbreaking event. It is the first resort to be rebuilt on the island since the hurricane. It will be the first completely new construction resort in Sanibel for over 40 years. 

Plans for the new Shalimar on Sanibel Island...

A New Documentary About Sanibel is Ready to View

A New Documentary About Sanibel is Ready to ViewThroughout the years there have been many budding and experienced cinematic artists creating new entertainment on Sanibel Island. There have been several different films created on the island through the years. From certain scenes of silver screen hits to small little romantic made-for-TV films and everything in between. The most recent film to take place on Sanibel is a documentary about the island itself.

About Sanibel's Latest Documentary

This documentary was produced by Swipe Market Entertainment...

Is Living in the Beach Town of Sanibel Right for You?

Is Living in the Beach Town of Sanibel Right for You?Living on Sanibel Island near the beach is a lifelong dream for many homebuyers. The ability to visit the beach whenever you want, to just hop off the couch and take a walk or short drive to the sand and water. It is a dream lifestyle that so many people aspire to or at least try to vacation to. 

Not everything about living in a beach town is amazing, there are some drawbacks to consider before moving to a popular beach destination full-time. Before making the huge investment and commitment of purchasing a Sanibel dream beach home, it is best to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a home on or near the beach. 


How Many Beaches Does Sanibel Island Have?

How Many Beaches Does Sanibel Island Have?Sanibel Island is most popular for its white sugar sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. This small barrier island is big on beauty and notoriety yet remains relaxed and uncrowded. The beaches are some of the best in southwest Florida for good reason. A big question about Sanibel is how many beaches it has. 

How Many Beaches Are There on Sanibel Island?

 Sanibel Island alone has six public beach access points. The smaller neighboring sister island of Captiva is often also included in the beach count for Sanibel. Captiva has two public beach access points. Some public beaches have plans for refurbishment from hurricane washout, but all will be open and running soon. 

Sanibel Public Beach Access...

Best Exterior Paint Colors to Hold Up to the Sanibel Sun

Best Exterior Paint Colors to Hold Up to the Sanibel SunPainting the exterior of your Sanibel home is more than just finding a color scheme/palette that you love. The reason for painting your home is about its looks and curb appeal, but it is also mainly about protecting the exterior of your home. Paint provides a protective coating to your home's siding. For this reason, it is important not only the color you choose but the type of paint you choose. The location of your home plays a big role in that decision because it dictates what your home exterior needs protection from. 

In Sanibel, homes get a lot of sunlight. The sun can be harsh on the exterior of your home. Not just in the condition but also in how your home looks. Paint can...

Celebrating Fourth of July on Sanibel Island

Celebrating Fourth of July on Sanibel IslandSanibel Island is special. It is one of the most amazing locations in the world. For this reason, many people fall in love with the island and move here while several others live here part-time or vacation here frequently. Some of the most special elements about Sanibel Island are, of course, the natural surroundings and the people. The community of Sanibel Island only enhances this most beautiful spot in South Florida. To get to know the community is to fall in love even more. One way to do so is to attend the great local events. The Fourth of July is a great time to start. Check out these great Fourth of July events on Sanibel to get a feel for the culture and community. ...

BIG Arts on Sanibel is Full of Art with Stories and Great Activities

BIG Arts on Sanibel is a Full of Art with Stories and Great ActivitiesBIG Arts is an island staple for culture and creativity. It is home to several beloved things focused on the arts from interesting sculptures to great classes and live entertainment. One of the most recent pieces of art on display is more than just an expression of someone's creativity, it is a special piece that tells of one of Sanibel's biggest catastrophic events and symbolizes the community's strength in rebuilding and coming together. 

The New Sculpture at BIG Arts

Just two months ago a new sculpture was put in place outside the entrance of the BIG Arts building. This sculpture is special because it is made out of scraps from ...

Great Reasons to Purchase a Sanibel Vacation Home

Great Reasons to Purchase a Sanibel Vacation HomeSanibel Island is a premier vacation destination. People from all around the world come to Sanibel to experience the best Florida beach vacation. For this reason, a large portion of homeowners in Sanibel are part-time residents. They have fallen in love with Sanibel and purchased a vacation home here. Why do people choose to purchase a Sanibel vacation home and marry themselves to the same vacation spot? Because Sanibel is amazing and there are several benefits to owning a second home. 

Reasons to Purchase a Sanibel Vacation Home

To Be Able to Visit Your Favorite Place Whenever You Want