Protecting Your Sanibel Home from Hurricane Looting

Protecting Your Sanibel Home from Hurricane LootingUnfortunately, as homes are left unoccupied after a significant storm like a hurricane there are looters who come in and try to take advantage of the situation when no one is around. Looting is not new; it has been happening post-hurricane for as long as many people can remember and for some Sanibel Island homeowners, it has already been a concern.

Most of the time looters will try to focus on businesses to capitalize on products left behind. But personal homes are still targeted and it is a good idea to make sure you have proper measures in place so your home is not a victim of the looters.

Defending your Sanibel Island home against hurricane looting

Be prepared in advance

Though it is a little late to be prepared for looters post-hurricane Ian the best defense plan is always a great offense. It is always a good idea to be prepared for looting in advance. This is good information to know to be prepared for the next large storm in the area. Having items like motion detectors and security cameras on the property can help to alert you of activity on your property while you are not there. Of course, some of these systems do get knocked out during the storm but they can be put back in place easily when the storm passes.

Make it difficult to access the property

Create obstacles around your property that make it difficult to easily walk right up to the home and break into it. You can create obstacles in many shapes and forms including thorny bushes, deadbolt locks, strategically placed piles of rubble, and more. You want to make sure however you are not creating hiding places for looters to tuck into with your obstacles.

Give the illusion that there is nothing to gain from the property

If there is nothing of interest for a looter they will not take time in your property this is more than just making sure items of interest are out of plain sight from the exterior of the home. You could make the home look like looters have already been to the property and there is nothing else left. Also, make sure to be careful in speaking with others about what you have on your property unless it is with trustworthy friends and family. People will become vulnerable in post-hurricane situations and you would be surprised at who will come looting.

Give clear warning

Communicate to leaders that if they enter the property there will be consequences. Opt to put up a Barbwire barrier fence and hang warning signs clearly communicating that the property owner is ready to defend their belongings.

If you are staying in your home post-hurricane

If you are still living within your home because it has not received so much damage that it has become unlivable you may want to take some measures to ensure your safety as looters may still be interested. In fact, your home may become a bit of a target as it is not quite as damaged. You can do things like use loud noises and flashing lights if you suspect someone is trespassing on the property and scoping out your home. You can get a dog and train them to make loud barking noises when they hear anything or see someone that does not belong on the property. You can also make your home look like a place with plenty of high activity as most looters are not looking to catch a homeowner on the property.

Even though your Sanibel Island home may have seen some destruction and is in need of help to get it back up and running properly you want to make sure that no one else takes advantage of the situation. For more information on Sanibel Island real estate please contact us anytime.

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