Removing Tough Stains from Your Sanibel Home's Deck

Removing Tough Stains from Your Sanibel Home's DeckOne of the most desirable attributes of Sanibel Island homes is the outdoor space. Often when potential home buyers are looking for Sanibel homes they want great opportunities to enjoy one of the most beautiful natural locations in the privacy of their own home. What could be more dreamy than buying a dream island home with an amazing outdoor area?

A highly desirable component of outdoor space in a Sanibel home is a deck that enables the homeowner to create an outdoor living space that provides a comfortable place for them to sit and relax in their gorgeous outdoor setting. If you are planning on selling your Sanibel Island home getting the outdoor living spaces in top shape is highly beneficial to showcasing your Sanibel Island home.

Whether getting your home ready to sell or just getting your deck ready to be used for the spring and summer here are some helpful tips for cleaning tough stains from a deck and getting it ready for use.

Cleaning tough stains from your Sanibel home's deck

Ideally, if you find a tough or unsightly stain on the deck of your Sanibel Island home it is best to take care of it as soon as you notice it. The sooner you give it some attention the better chance of preventing a permanent stain. You want to make sure that you are using the right cleaning agents as well so that they do not harm the wood or decking material. If you have a wood deck it is best to reapply stain or sealer every one to two years.

How to clean different types of tough stains on your wooden deck

Stains from barbecuing

Who doesn't love a good summer grilling cookout in their own private outdoor space? Sometimes grilling can get messy and leave a stain or two behind on your deck. From grease spots to sauce spills and more the best plan of attack is some simple household dish soap.

You want to grab some dish soap that talks about cutting grease on the label. You also need some hot water and a stiff bristle brush as well as a damp sponge or mop and plenty of water for rinsing. Mix a few drops of dish soap in with the hot water and scrub with your brush. Once you have loosened the stain use your sponge or mop to pull it away and then rinse with plenty of water to finish the job.

Moss and Algae

These unsightly green-hued botanicals can take up home on a shaded deck area and when left to grow can rot and permanently damage your decking. You can also make the surface of your deck slippery and unsafe to walk across. Try to get to them as soon as possible to prevent roots from growing into the wood because this will mean they will come back again.

You will want to grab some oxygen bleach, some borax, some hand-washing dish soap, at least a 1 1/2 gallon bucket, a gallon of water, and a scrub brush. Mix together your cleaning solution by using 1 cup of oxygen bleach, a half cup of borax, and 2 tablespoons of dish soap mixed into your 1 gallon of water. Scrub the dirty areas of your deck and let the cleaning agent sit for 15 minutes to ensure that it is killing the moss or algae. Make sure to rinse thoroughly when the time is up.

Leaf stains

When falling leaves from any type of plant accumulate on a wooden deck or porch they can decompose and leave behind a silhouette of the leaf. While it can seem kind of cool it is not overall an intentional pattern for decor. The best way to not have to clean these stains is to take some time every few days to clear away leaves before they decompose. You can also trim back surrounding plants to help keep them from dropping things on your deck.

Removing leaf stains often only requires a bit of dish soap and warm water. If you find the stains particularly tough you can add in a little bit of oxygen bleach. Simply scrub the leaf-stained area with your cleaning solution and let it sit for about 15 minutes then scrub again and rinse away.


Sometimes metal outdoor furniture especially dining sets can leave an unsightly red-brown mark on your deck. Using a little bit of water, distilled vinegar, and oxalic acid for super tough stains can get those unsightly rust marks to disappear.

Start with a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water and let it sit for about 10 minutes and then wipe clean with a cloth. If this does not remove the rest come in with the oxalic acid cleaner following the instructions on the cleaner bottle carefully.

The best plan of attack against stubborn deck stains is always to take a look at your deck routinely and clean and tidy it up. Preventing stains is easier than scrubbing them away. Making sure to routinely sweep your deck at your Sanibel home as well as put protective covers over the feet of metal furniture will go a long way in preventing some annoying deck stains. The barbecue area could also benefit from the use of a flame-friendly grill mat.

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