Sanibel Frequently Makes 'Best Of ' Lists

Sanibel Island is one of the most amazing places in all of the world. It is no surprise to those who live here or come to vacation often that Sanibel Island frequently makes best-of lists or categories year after year. In the year 2020 for example, Sanibel Island ranked in several best-of lists on the U.S. News website Travel section. U.S. News is well known for producing several “Best of” lists for countless categories. They are ranked 50% on voter input and 50% on editor criteria.Sanibel Frequently Makes "Best Of " Lists

Here are some of the “best of” rankings that Sanibel earned in the year 2020 from U.S. News Travel:

#2 Best Florida Beaches by U.S. News Travel

US news describes Sanibel Island as a quiet and calm island. They mention that it is the best place for shelling where you can find colorful seashells all throughout the sand of assorted colors. They know that there is hardly any partying making it an excellent place for families. You can read more about their ranking at the link above.

#3 Best Relaxing Getaways in the United States by U.S. News Travel

The US News website also ranked Sanibel Island as the number three best relaxing getaway in the country. They noted that Sanibel has the best year-round weather and is relaxing all year long. They also make mention of the famous Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge that provides the most pristine natural surroundings. Read more about their ranking at the link above.

#3 Best Family Beach Vacations in the United States by U.S. News Travel

Sanibel Frequently Makes "Best Of " ListsSanibel Island again tops a US news travel best of list with best family beach vacations in the United States. They know that the island is great for kids as the beaches have calm waters that are perfect for young children to play in. You can read more information about why they ranked to Sanibel Island number three in this category at the link above.

#4 Best Cheap Romantic Getaways by U.S. News

US news describes Sanibel Island in this ranking list as a luxurious Florida destination that is perfect for couples in search of a romantic getaway. They note that Sanibel Island is full of great vacation rentals and that finding affordable lodging is abundant making privacy and seclusion even easier. Read about their ranking at the link above.

#3 Best Beaches in the US by U.S. News

Not only does Sanibel have some of the best beaches in Florida, they have the best beaches in the entire country according to US News. In this ranking description it is noted that the beaches of Sanibel are picturesque, romantic, nature filled, and great for swimming. They note the best beach for swimming is Tarpon Bay Beach.

Some Other Top Rankings that Sanibel Earned in 2020

  • #7 Best Places to Visit in Florida
  • #8 Best Family Spring Break Destinations
  • # 10 Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations
  • # 12 Best Cheap Winter Vacations
  • # 14 best Family Vacations in the USA
  • # 19 Best Small Towns to Visit in the USA

Sanibel Island is quite an amazing little treasure in southern Florida. It is great for owning a vacation property or to live full-time. For more information on Sanibel Island real estate please contact us anytime.

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