Sanibel Really is Like a Scene from a Story- A Movie Just Wrapped Filming on the Island

Sanibel Really is Like a Scene from a Story- A Movie Just Wrapped Filming on the IslandSanibel has been a buzz with murmurs of a film being shot on portions of both Sanibel and Captiva islands. The talk is true a movie just finished filming on Sanibel. The movie is titled "Written in the Sand." The movie was filmed at several popular locations across the islands and has an endearing mission beyond just making a feel-good story in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. 

Who is Making the Film and Who Is In It?

The supervising producer for the film is Brynne Chappell with Pureplay Entertainment. She has worked on several projects including ABC's popular "reality" series The Bachelor and the shows Fame and High School Reunion. She has also worked on special filming projects for Amazon's Prime streaming service. 

The part of Daniella is played by a newcomer to the acting scene, Courtney Dyksterhouse.  This is her first film. Other cast members include the grand-niece of Patsy Cline- Erin Cline, Angie Bullaro, Kira Cook, Cotton Yancey, Grover McCants, and Michael Harding. The movie also stars actor and musician JT Hodges who is on the island often and played a large role in bringing the filming to the islands. 

Writers of the storyline are not new to the movies. This group of writers has probably had a hand in a Hallmark or Lifetime movie you have watched (if you do watch these popular feel-good films). The crew of writers include Rickie Castaneda and Megan Hocking.

Where was the Movie Shot?

If you live on Sanibel or Captiva islands or frequently vacation/visit here you will probably recognize some favorite island hotspots in the film. Real names of real locations are used in the storyline in addition to being shot on location. 

The film mainly takes place at the Sundial Beach Resort because the main character works at the resort as a general manager. Other locations where filming occurred include RC Otters Island Eats on Captiva, the iconic Doc Ford's, and the unforgettable Mudbugs Cajun Kitchen.  Boops by the Bubble Room plays a significant part as the main character loves to enjoy a good latte. The cast all fell in love with the orange cake at Boops. 

They also got to spend some time shooting at the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and played a special role in the rescue of a baby green heron that was found tangled in a fishing line with hooks. A ranger helped them to rescue the baby bird and it is a fond memory the cast will not soon forget.

What is the Story About?

Not too much about the storyline of the film has been revealed but it is about a young woman named Daniela Charles who has always dreamed of big accomplishments in the future but her plans are altered when she is led to try and save her hometown and ends up finding love. The original concept for the film was something thought up by one of the actors JT Hodges.

Why Sanibel?

JT is more than just a main character in the movie and the storyline creator. He is a frequent visitor to the islands. JT Hodges has been a featured musician in the Champions 4 Children fundraising concert for many years. JT loves coming to the islands and wanted to do something to help positively impact the islands and help with recovery after the Hurricane. He wanted to bring a film to the island to highlight how amazing Sanibel is and encourage people to come and check it out for themselves. Almost every investor in the movie is a business owner or resident of the islands. There is a goal to bring profits back to the islands. 

When Can You Watch It?

There's nothing official yet but the plans are to sell the movie to a distributor when filming is 100% complete. There is no specific distributor in line to purchase the movie but the crew is considering Hallmark, Netflix, or Hulu. Chapelle the supervising Director has never been to the islands before filming the movie and it has left a long-lasting impression on her. She says that Sanibel reminds her of Hawaii with its gorgeous scenery and would love to bring business back to the islands as they recover from the storm. She hopes the film will raise awareness and has plans to come back to the island for the movie premiere.

If you are interested in updates about the official release of the movie you can see the latest information on the production company's Instagram page or the movie's Instagram page. Here you will be able to discover what network the movie will be sold to and when it will be aired. There are hopes that the movie will be aired by the winter of 2024.

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