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Real Estate Relationships - Mayfair

Nick Churton of VIP Realty Group, Inc.'s London office offers some timely real 
estate matchmaking advice as we head towards Valentine’s Day.
Good real estate brokers can be perfect sweethearts.  It is always best to have someone by your side who values you, who will fight for you, who won’t argue (much), who will only hang around your home when you want them to, and always has your best interests at heart. Such a person may not make such a bad partner. Of course there are good partners and bad partners.  Selling real estate well rests heavily on the partnership  built  up  between  seller  and  broker.  A  good  broker  will  lovingly  put  you  and  your property on a pedestal and then expertly and fiercely negotiate to achieve the best deal for you. On the other hand, a lesser agent or broker may only put your property on the internet with all their others and then haggle to find the easiest deal – easiest for them. There’s nothing good about a selfish Valentine. There is a great difference between the two – often many thousands of dollars/pounds/euros/yen etc in the final price you achieve.  You could come to love the former but hate the latter.  The trick is  finding  the  right  Valentine  broker  at  the  outset.  It’s  a  bit  like  finding  the  best  boyfriend  or girlfriend.  They may look roughly the same at first but over time they all turnout very differently.So if you are searching for the type of broker you could come to love this spring go on a few dates - invite a few to visit your home, give you some marketing advice and see how you get on. Then ask yourself which you would prefer, the cheap flashy one who brags a lot or the one with whom you feel most comfortable, the one with a background of stable and successful relationships - the one you would most like to introduce to your parents.

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