Smart Products That are a Smart Investment for Sanibel Beach Homes

Smart Products That are a Smart Investment for Sanibel Beach HomesSmart technology devices for the home have been around for some time now. Some smart technology is just flashy and fun while other technology is actually helpful and benefits the function of your home. If you are interested in the idea of incorporating smart technology at your Sanibel beach home consider these smart devices that are smart choices for beach properties for more than just their ability to function with ease. 

UV Blocking Shades

Automated smart window shades are a smart choice for beach homes. Beach homes on Sanibel receive more sunlight. Several fixtures inside your home can sustain damage from too much exposure to the sun. The sun's rays are magnified by windows. Sun can damage flooring, fabrics, artwork, furniture, and more inside your home. Being inside does not keep items protected. Filter out the harsh rays of the sun and limit exposure to UV rays with automated smart shades made in UV-blocking fabrics. Smart technology helps to ensure the peak harsh sun rays are filtered out by automatically closing the shades at a certain time of day. No need to remember to draw the shades and protect your nice flooring at 3 pm every day. 

On Sanibel smart shades are useful during turtle nesting season as well. You can program it to automatically close when the sun goes down to keep your interior lights from shining out onto the beach and deter turtles from the water. It is required that Sanibel Beach homeowners close their shades at night during nesting season and smart shades help homeowners to comply with this rule without needing to think about it. 

Exterior Lights

Speaking of nesting season, which is May through October on Sanibel and Captiva, smart lights are another great investment. Installing lighting systems on the exterior of your home that are easily programmable will help to keep lights visible from the shore turned off at specific times of the year. You don't have to worry about remembering your exterior lighting needs to be shut off in certain spaces. If you would like to keep your lights on you can purchase smart lighting that will dim within the allowable limits and do so without any work on your part. 


Smart cameras are one of the most common smart devices in homes. They are especially helpful and useful in beach homes. Beach homes are close to public areas and it is a good idea to keep cameras running around your property at all exterior entrances and anywhere that someone could enter your property from highly trafficked areas. Smart cameras (not regular security cameras) will alert your phone the second they detect movement on your property that should not be there. Know right as something is happening.

Marine Grade Fixtures

if you have a great outdoor space to enjoy your amazing Sanibel beach home and are considering installing new light fixtures don't only choose smart fixtures make sure they are marine-grade fixtures. Outdoor technology needs to be able to stand up to moisture and salt. There are some great outdoor technology products with marine-grade durability. 

When it comes to smart technology there are more and more advancements in the devices available for homes. There are specific fixtures that are extremely helpful in the function of a Sanibel beach home. Not only does smart tech make things easier and help you manage important functions, but it can also bring more interest and value to your home. 

Donald Payne of Vision Realty shared this in a blog post:

"...a smart home and its technology is where it's at. There are a lot of ways you can add value to your home by upgrading or updating certain components to smart technology."

If you are looking for ways to make improvements to your home to help it sell, contact me. I am happy to help you discover ways to increase the value of your Sanibel home. I am an experienced local real estate agent who has helped several clients sell their homes for top dollar. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home. I am happy to help you with any Sanibel Island real estate needs. 

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