Taking Care of the Roof on Your Sanibel Home

Taking Care of the Roof on Your Sanibel HomeWhen you are purchasing a home in Sanibel it is good to know how old different systems in the home are as well as their current condition. For example, it is good to know how old the air conditioning unit is and the general lifespan of an air conditioning unit. If you find a home on Sanibel you are interested in and it has an air conditioner that is 15 years old and the average lifespan of an AC unit is 15 to 20 years this is important information. The home is probably going to need a new unit very soon and will affect you as the homebuyer soon after you take ownership of the home. 

One of the largest parts of a home is the roof. It is important to know the condition and age of a home's roof and what it takes to repair and maintain a roof when you are purchasing a home. It is especially important for Sanibel homes as our homes are exposed to much more weather than homes in other parts of the country. Here is a look into the average lifespan of a roof on a Sanibel home and how to best maintain your roof so that you can walk into a home purchase a little more confident and savvy. Or have the useful knowledge to care for your current home. 

The Average Lifespan of a Roof on a Sanibel Home

Most homes can expect their roof to last between 20 and 25 years. However, there are differing factors that play a role in the lifespan of a particular home's roof. This can include the quality of the installation, the roofing material, the weather conditions it has faced, and how the homeowner has taken care of the home. Perhaps the biggest factor in a roof's lifespan is the actual material it is made from. 

Here are some of the most common roofing materials and what to expect from their average lifespan when well cared for: 

The most common roofing type across the country is a composition shingle roof. This is the type of shingle you would expect to see on the average home in a TV show or a movie. This is the most budget-friendly type of roofing. A composition roof can last an average of 20 years but is not the strongest type of roofing material to weather harsh storms and the lifespan can be reduced to 15 years or less. 

Another type of shingle roof is a wood shingle roof sometimes referred to as a shake or shaker roof. The average lifespan of a wood shingle roof is 30 years. You do not often see a wood shingle roof in Sanibel however because saltwater conditions can be harsh on the wood and dramatically lower its lifespan. 

Metal roofs are commonly found on Sanibel Island homes and homes in other coastal locations. The average lifespan of a metal roof is 50 years. This lifespan can vary depending upon the exact type of metal roof you have on your home. The most common types of metal roofing materials include copper, steel, and aluminum. 

Tile roofs. There are three main types of tile roofing materials. In general tile roofs are more durable and have much longer lifespans. This is why you will see tile roofs on many homes across Florida, especially in luxury communities. Concrete tile roofs can last about 50 years with the proper care. Clay tiles have a lifespan of around 100 years. Slate roofing tiles are the most durable with an expected lifespan of 150 years because they are less porous than other tile roofing materials. 

Caring For and Extending the Life of a Sanibel Roof

It is also good to know how to maintain the roof of your Sanibel home to keep it working the way it should keeping your home's interior protected from outside elements and to help your home retain value should you decide to sell your Sanibel home someday. Here are some of the best routine maintenance tasks you can perform to keep your roof in great shape and also help prolong its useful lifetime. 

Get a Roof Inspection. This is part of your standard home purchase inspection when you purchase your home. Unless the inspector finds an issue that requires a closer look by a specialized roofing pro. It is also a great idea to have a professional company that is reputable (there are unfortunately many roofers out there that will try to convince you you need more work than you actually do) look over your roof periodically to make sure it is in good condition.  This is especially important after a heavy storm. 

Cleaning. Make sure to clean the roof and gutters a couple of times per year to keep it in the best shape possible. Remove any debris that accumulates up there anywhere from two to four times a year depending upon where you live and your home's tendency to collect vegetative debris. 

Make Sure the Ventilation in the Attic is Doing Its Job. Attic ventilation is highly important for the roof on the outside and the inside. Making sure the hot air that rises up to the attic space in your home has a place to escape and continues to do so helps to prevent mold. A big problem that can rot your roof and be a health hazard. 

it is always good to know the condition of a home before you buy and to know how to properly care for and maintain your investment. If you are interested in purchasing a home on Sanibel Island contact me any time!

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