Ten Home Selling Preparations That Could Sell Your Sanibel Home Faster

Ten Home Selling Preperations That Could Sell Your Sanibel Home Faster    Selling a home is never completely easy, but there are some preparations a Sanibel homeowner can take to lighten the burden of getting their home sold. Research and numbers have shown that the proper preparation for showing your home to buyers can greatly impact the success of the home sale. While there is no guaranteed formula to get your home sold, there are some things that you can do to help it appeal to buyers. 

Here are Some Preparations You Can Make to Help Sell Your Sanibel Home

Start Now

The best time to start getting your home ready to list for sale is not 48 hours before you plan to make your listing active on the MLS and allow people to view an online listing. The very day you decide to officially sell your home, you should get to work preparing it to sell (if possible). Getting your home ready to be seen by potential buyers will take some time. Some homes will take longer than others, but most homes are going to take longer than a couple of days. 

Deal with Clutter

When you start, a good place to start is by removing as many belongings that you do not need during the time frame as possible. So anything that you will not be using daily while your home is listed for sale should be packed up. If you have items you no longer use or are no longer in great condition now is a good time to donate, sell, or throw these items out. 

The less of your belongings you have in the home the better. This allows you to work with a blank canvas that can help showcase the home and help a potential buyer see it as a house they might buy rather than someone else's home. Your goal is to clear as many surfaces and remove as much stuff as possible down to bear essentials you can get by with while your home is listed. This also helps to depersonalize the home. Simply seeing functional items to help envision how a space is utilized is great but seeing an entire wall of family photo history clutters up the wall and is distracting from seeing the home.

Clean, clean, clean

The cleaner your home is the better. It will showcase that the home is well cared for and in good condition. Some homeowners opt to hire professional cleaning services so that they are not taking a lot of time getting their homes ready to sell. Things like steam cleaning carpets and scrubbing tile grout are all items that can make a home look and feel Brand New.

Consider Some Repairs

Now is the time to fix up any of those annoying small repairs that have been bugging you and you just have never gotten around to doing something about it. This could be squeaky door hinges, a loose piece of railing, that faucet that always drips in the utility/laundry room, etc. Walk through your home and pretend you are seeing it for the first time as a potential buyer and ask yourself what sticks out and might look bothersome to you.


Painting is not a make-or-break thing but it does help to showcase your home as fresh and brand new. This is especially true if you had several things hanging on the wall that you took down while getting rid of clutter to help depersonalize the home and create a blank canvas. You probably have several pings and tiny holes in the wall from where things were hanging and you want to patch up those holes and then give a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint.

Don't Forget Outside

Curb appeal is very important. It is not only on your first photo on your online listing but it is the very first thing potential buyers will see when they come to look at your home in person. Making sure that your landscaping is freshly trimmed and cleaned up will make all the difference in a first impression of how well the home is taken care of. Curb appeal has been said to be so important that it can make or break a buyer's decision to look at the home further by taking a tour of the inside.

If you are considering listing your Sanibel home for sale I can help. If you are wondering what you can do to prepare your home for buyers to see it and get an offer as soon as possible I can also help with that. I am here to make the process of selling your home as smooth as possible and help get your home sold for as much money as possible. Contact me anytime with any Sanibel real estate needs.

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