The Captiva Island Farmers Market is Opening Soon

The Captiva Island Farmers Market is Opening SoonIf you are hoping to move to Captiva Island or are considering the purchase of a vacation property there you might be interested in finding out more about the island and what it has to offer as far as community and things to do. You might wonder what type of services the island has for everyday living, and the best spots to enjoy activities you are interested in. 

Captiva Island has a great farmers market that opens seasonally and it is getting ready to open for another season in a few days.

The Captiva Island Farmers Market

This will be the sixth year of the Captiva Island Farmers Market. The market was started after the two owners saw several visitors to the Sanibel Island Farmers Market coming in from Captiva. These owners are Jean Baer and Betsy Ventura, the co-owners of the organizing company for the market, Local Roots. 

Jean and Betsy firmly believe in the benefit of farmers markets on a local community. They have seen the market bring people in the community together connecting local vendors and artisans more easily with the public and with each other. 

There are expected to be around 25 vendors participating in the market this year. Some of the items available for purchase include local produce, baked goods, smoothies, crepes, french pastries, and several handmade items locally crafted.

New Vendors Arriving This Year

There will be some new faces coming to the Captiva Farmers Market this year. One of these anticipated new vendors is Mediterranean Delight with freshly prepared Mediterranean dishes. Another new anticipated vendor is That Butt Is Smokin' which is a local restaurant that serves smoked pulled pork. 

Returning Favorites to the Farmers Market

Many beloved vendors show up at the Captiva Farmers Market some have been here since the beginning. Some of these returning popular vendors include 12 Season Farms, Jimmy's Java, Angelic Desserts, Molly Malone Seafood, Pilar's Empanadas, Holi Cow, and the Fouta Spot. 

The Captiva Island Market is Dog Friendly

If you have a furry family member the farmers market is pet friendly and encourages you to bring your dogs along as you shop the outdoor market. If your pooch loves to get out in public and enjoy the company of other pooches passing by it could be a lot of fun for them and you.

Captiva Farmers Market Details


The Captiva Farmers Market is on Tuesdays every week beginning at 9 AM and the market closes at 1 PM. The first planned market will be December 19 and the market will run through April.


The farmers market is set up at Chadwicks Square which is in front of the South Seas Resort on Captiva Island at 5400 Plantation Rd. parking is available across the street in front of the convention center. There's also parking for golf carts and bicycles. 

Info about the Sanibel Farmers Market

Sanibel Island is of course the sister island to Captiva and the Sanibel Farmers Market is in a very close location to the Captiva market. The farmers market on Sanibel Island is open from October through May on Sundays from 9 AM to 1 PM. They are open on Easter day as well. The market is located at 800 Dunlop Rd.

This market has been running since 2008 and has been a long beloved island tradition. The market takes place in front of City Hall and parking is located at City Hall, the Sanibel Library, Big Arts, and the Schoolhouse Theater. There's a designated area to park bikes at City Hall as well as handicap parking.

It is very important to note that though the Captiva market is friendly to dogs no pets are allowed within the market area in the Sanibel Farmers Market.

Information about other markets in the area

You can find out more details about these farmer's markets that are run under the organization Local Roots at the website In addition to the Sanibel and Captiva markets they also provide markets in six other communities around the area. It can be fun to visit other local markets to get a feel for different vendors and local goods that they provide.

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