The Importance of Pressure Washing a Sanibel Home

The Importance of Pressure Washing a Sanibel HomeOne of the most important parts of home ownership is routine maintenance. Routine maintenance can help to prevent a large number of major repairs and can help your home retain a higher value if you ever decide to sell it. One routine maintenance task that many homeowners often skip is pressure washing or power washing. Though it can seem like a tedious task, there are many benefits to pressure washing the exterior areas of your home, especially if you have a home near the ocean on Sanibel Island. 

Importance of Pressure Washing Your Sanibel Home

Preventing Damage

Harsh rains of storm season can cause significant damage. This can cause damage and unsightly stains to the exterior of your home. When left to sit the stains can become permanent, Mositure can cause mold to grow which can damage and cause stains of its own. Mold likes to feed on paint giving it a great environment to thrive and rapidly grow. Left unattended you will need to scrape and repaint the entire exterior of your home instead of just power washing. 

Saves Money

Speaking of preventing the need to repaint your entire home, pressure washing prevents the need to paint your home's exterior as often, especially when it is exposed to humid salt air. Routine pressure washing can make a home look new again and will extend the life of your exterior paint. it is the most efficient way to take care of a home.

Easy Prep for Refinishing

If your home's siding needs a new coat of paint or other surfaces like decks or patios need refinishing the best way to prep for a quality refinishing job is to pressure wash. Pressure washing on a higher setting than for routine cleaning blasts away all of the grit that is on a surface and can get in the way of repainting, restaining, and resealing. Pressure washing is a much easier way to ensure that any surface like your outdoor pool or decking is ready to go for a successful refinishing. 

Helpful with Allergens

If you or someone in your home has allergies or sensitivities to allergens like pollen and mold, pressure washing helps to get rid of these irritants around your home and makes hanging out outside a little bit easier. The most common allergen triggers are mold spores, dust mites, and pollen according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. These are all easily washed away with pressure washing.

Green Cleaning

A pressure washer can be very effective using only water, what could be more environmentally friendly than that? There are also several green cleaners that you can add to the washer to give cleaning even more power. It is a powerful way to clean without harsh chemicals that are hard on your landscape. 

A Faster Method

When it comes to cleaning a large number of us would agree that the easier and quicker the task is the better. There are some that love cleaning, but for the most part, making something as quick and effective as possible so you can move on to what you would rather be doing is ideal. pressure washing provides a fast and powerful way to get rid of grime around your home. Turn the pressure washer on and let it do most of the work, before you know it surfaces look like new again and you are ready to set up the patio furniture and enjoy your yard. 

Routine maintenance including pressure washing at least once a year as Summer approaches is a great way to keep your home in its best condition. For more information on finding your perfect Sanibel home or selling a Sanibel home with less stress contact me. I am here to help with any of your Sanibel real estate needs. 

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