The Latest Info About Sanibel's Beach Recovery Project

The Latest Info About Sanibel's Beach Recovery ProjectOne of the most iconic attributes of Sanibel Island is its many beaches full of soft sugary sand and the most amazing seashells. Beaches that are popular and well known, but rarely overrun with too many people. Some of Sanibel's beaches were hit the hardest during Hurricane Ian more than a year ago and there have been plans in the works for some time to fill in these eroded areas of coastline on the island. 

Hurricane Ian Beach Recovery and Resilience Project 

The efforts to get Sanibel Beaches that were significantly eroded by the storm surge of Hurricane Ian back in shape are finally on the calendar to get done. This project has been named the Hurricane Ian Beach Recovery and Resilience Project. The city of Sanibel has announced plans to begin the work on December 13, 2023, and the work is projected to last through April 15, 2024. 

What Work Will be Conducted

Large amounts of sand will be brought to island beaches on trucks and unloaded along open beaches between the mean-high water line and the existing dune vegetation line. This is a method to help fill in accessible gullies and washouts that happened when storm surges receded and carried away the sand with them. This work is projecting to get these Sanibel beaches to a place of almost the same profile the land had before the hurricane happened. 

The contractor has not yet been officially selected from the bids offered. Once a final decision on which contractor will do the work is made the full details of how the project will be conducted will be put into place. 

What if Your Own Gulf Front Property on Sanibel?

If you have a home along one of the beaches that are being restored on the island, the city of Sanibel is asking for Access Agreement Forms to be returned with a signature. The form provides Temporary Beach Management and Access Easement to allow the city access to the land that needs to be worked on. 

The city has received some forms but needs help in the return of every form sent out in the mail to beachfront homeowners with property near the work zones. Letters were sent out in early October. If you have any questions about what the signed and return forms would be granting the city of Sanibel access to the city welcomes the questions and asks that you contact the Sanibel Natural Resources Department and talk with Director Holly Milbrandt's office. 

If you live in a condominium community on the gulf shore of the island the communication about access and easements is being worked through with condo association representatives. If you have questions regarding the decisions of access for your condo building it is encouraged that you reach out to your condo association. 

Finding More Details About the Project

If you have more questions about the details of the work to be conducted on the Sanibel beaches you can look over the project construction plans in pdf form online. You can also listen to the City Council project update announcement shared at the council meeting on October 3 by watching the recorded video of the meeting. Both of the links for these items can be found on the City of Sanibel website on the page about the beach restoration project. 

Knowing city development plans and what happens at council meetings and engaging in civic activities helps Sanibel residents not only be aware of what is going on in the location where they live but also to speak up and take part in the formation and planning of their homes. 

This information is also good for anyone considering the purchase of a home in Sanibel. Knowing what is going on with the land and community near a home you are considering will help greatly in your decision on whether you would like to live in the area. Having the most extensive knowledge of a property and how the local government operates and takes care of the community surrounding it is important. It helps to ensure that you will enjoy living in the city or town you plan to move to and how future plans for development and improvement affect your home purchase. 

For more information on purchasing real estate in Sanibel contact me any time. 

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