The Perks of a Sanibel Home on a Canal

When considering a home purchase on Sanibel Island a large number of buyers are often looking for a waterfront property. Waterfront properties come in all types on the island not just the Gulf-front dream homes that many people think of when they picture a dream waterfront home on Sanibel. 

One alternative type of waterfront property on Sanibel is the canal-front home. These homes are in some cases just as desirable and sought after for good reason. If you have not experienced the canal-front properties of Sanibel, let us share with you three major perks of a canal-front home.

Convenient Water Access

This one may seem like an obvious reason to purchase a canal-front home when considering waterfront properties on the island. But what some people may not consider is that canal properties often come with the opportunity to have watercraft docked right at your back door. Not all waterfront properties are going to offer this, but a good portion of canal homes give the opportunity to dock a boat right next to your home. There is a greater chance of being able to do this on a canal. Having your boat at your own dock means no extra fees and no extra rules. 

The View is Still BeautifulThe Perks of a Sanibel Home on a Canal

Living on a canal also comes with a great view from the windows of your home. The view is a bit different from the ones on the Gulf Coast, but they are still stunning and interesting. When you live on the canal you will still get water views, but it might offer something more fun. There is the ability to wave to neighbors as they pass by on their boats. There is also the ability to observe more wildlife as the manatees seek warmer waters in winter. You can also more easily observe turtles, fish, and aquatic birds at certain times of the year. 

A Quieter Atmosphere

Living on the beach has its perks but when you live on one of America's most desirable beach destinations, you are met with a limited amount of privacy at your back door. A single-family property on a canal front offers a much quieter atmosphere. Most of the time you are only seeing your neighbors pass by occasionally on their boats. There are no beach wanderers to contend with. If you are someone who prefers a higher level of privacy, living on a canal will offer that. No one will be walking through all of the backyards in the neighborhood for a waterfront stroll. 

Sanibel is full of many great waterfront properties beyond the ocean beaches it is famous for. There are other bodies of water across Sanibel Island including lakes, creeks, and canals. If you are a boat owner a canal-front home is a great option for a Sanibel waterfront property. The canals on Sanibel offer direct access to larger bodies of water including quick access to the Gulf of Mexico and endless amazing boating destinations all around south Florida and beyond. 

If you are interested in finding a canal-front home on Sanibel Island please contact me. I am happy to help you find a canal-front home that meets all of your search criteria. Sanibel has some of the most impressive properties on the canals and they are some of the most desirable island properties. Contact me any time for all Sanibel real estate needs. 

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