The SanCap Chamber Celebrates More Business Openings

The SanCap Chamber Celebrates More Business Openings Just a few days ago on April 25, the SanCap Chamber of Commerce celebrated the opening of two more businesses on Sanibel Island. New businesses opening up is an even bigger celebration as the islands continue to recover from the effects of Hurricane Ian in September 2022.

The Two New Businesses That Were Celebrated

This new celebration of business openings was for the Sanibel Captiva Island Association of Realtors office at 2353 Periwinkle Way. The Association of Realtors is now back open for business along with a tenant in the association's building, Finnimoore's Bike and Beach Rentals.

About Sanibel Captiva Island Association of Realtors

The Association of a Realtor's Office is an organization for realtors on the islands to come together and any other businesses affiliated with real estate business such as insurance companies, bank and mortgage lending companies, title companies, and any other real estate-related businesses. The realtors association is a representative of a large core of business providers on both Sanibel and Captiva Island. Realtors have been working diligently and hard through hurricane recovery but the restoration of the association office is a way of providing even more service to real estate professionals as they continue to serve the islands.

The Chamber of Commerce president and CEO John Lai had this to say to a local news outlet about the renovated building, “To see it restored to better-than-pre-hurricane condition means the world to this community. We thank CEO Bill Robinson for his leadership during this challenging period and congratulate all business members involved, including the Craig family of Finnimore’s."

The restoration of the building took quite some time but it underwent a full remodel after taking on significant damage from the storm. The remodel included strengthening the structure so that it can withstand harsh storms in the future. The association is thankful for the support of other local businesses while they waited for their building remodel. Other local businesses stepped up to the plate to offer workspace and offices to those who worked out of the association building while it was being finished.

The Sanibel Captiva Island Association of Realtors added a new metal roof and new railings as well as a new exterior design and color to the building. The new storefront including all of the windows in the entire building is now impact-resistant. The Association of Realtors has occupied this building since 2009 it has been a chartered member of the realtor association since 1985. The chamber also had a hand in helping the association of realtors get back on their feet.

About Finnimore's Bike Shop

Finnimoore's is a bike and beach rental company that is family-owned on Sanibel Island and has been operating since 1985. It is one of the best equipment rental companies on the island and was operating in a different capacity while the building was remodeled but is now fully open in its beautiful new location as one of the tenants of the Association of Realtors building. Finnemore's receives consistently good rankings from those who work with them. They offer bicycles and so much more. They also conveniently deliver rental equipment to wherever you are at so that you do not have to transport equipment if you are unable to because you do not have a proper vehicle to do so. They deliver equipment to anywhere on Sanibel Island and also deliver to Captiva Island and areas of Fort Myers. 

There's an exstensive list of equipment offered through their rentals including paddle boards and kayaks, bikes, tandem bikes, tricycles, beach pop-up tents and canopy tents, beach lounge chairs, and even aqua lily pads for floating in the water. Anything you might imagine you could want or need to use for a fun day at the beach or biking around the islands they can help you with.

It's always worth celebrating when new businesses come to the island or reopen after a long time of recovery process. It is also cool to see how businesses on the island have come together to support each other during this time to keep Sanibel Island thriving. The community and culture of both Sanibel and Captiva islands is truly a special one and it is great to see continuing recovery from the storms on the islands.

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