Tips for Arranging Furniture in Your New Sanibel Home

Tips for Arranging Furniture in Your New Sanibel HomePurchasing a home is fun and exciting and once you have picked out your dream Sanibel property the next step is setting the home up. An empty home is a blank page ready for a new story to be written. The story of you and your family enjoying the space. Though the thought of making your new home all your own is exciting, looking at your empty room(s) and deciding how to set it up might catch you off-guard and feeling overwhelmed as to where to begin. 

Using some basic steps of furniture arrangement will help you to put your new Sanibel home together like a professional designer and set up your home in a way that helps you enjoy your new space and fall in love with it all the more. 

Tips for Arranging Furniture in Your New Sanibel Home

Consider the Main Function of the Space

The first step to determining where to put furniture and what furniture to put into a room is to determine how you will use the space. If the space is a main living room it may seem obvious how the room will be used. People will be sitting in it. But there are some further use details to consider. Will this room be for having a conversation and for movie night? Is it solely for formal use? Will the room be used for working from home on occasion, does it need to become an extra guest room? Don't just consider the main function, but every function you want the room to perform. 

This will help you determine not only the type of furniture but also the details of how the furniture needs to function for you. Only placing a love seat and a couple of chairs in a room won't make for the most comfortable movie night, for example. It also won't help you host a large book club or party. 

Consider the Focal Points

Look at the architecture in the room and decide what the main focal point of the room is. Do you have a spectacular view of the water? Is this where you want to draw attention? Maybe you would like to gather around the beautiful fireplace in the room. Or maybe you are trying to set up the perfect space for people to sit and chat with you in your open-concept home while you prepare a meal for guests in the kitchen. 

Start Big

You want to begin with the largest piece of furniture that helps to accomplish the main activity of the room. So for a bedroom, this would be the bed and in the living room this would be the sofa. This most important and prominent large piece should almost always face directly toward the room's focal point. 

Symmetry Can Help

Using symmetry in a room can help to create a more refined and formal look for a space. Using an asymmetrical arrangement helps a room to feel more relaxed and casual. Using symmetry in a room is a quick and easy way to help with the overall style tone and formality of the room. 

Don't Forget Traffic

When placing furniture you want to be mindful of the natural pathways that people will use to get through the room and into the next one. Most often considering pathways between the room openings is the easiest way to look at how natural traffic flow will happen in the room. You don't want to block easy and quick access to another room and through the space with large pieces of furniture. 

Contrast Builds Visual Interest

 Don't stick to all the same furniture, use some differing pieces to bring some contrast and visual interest to the room. For example, if the sofa has boxy straight lines in the living room, consider some chairs with curves or some round tables. If a chair has tall legs and allows for sightlines underneath try pairing it with a table that has a solid base. This brings art and movement to the room and keeps the eye engaged. 

Try Drawing It Out

Before actually buying furniture and placing it in your space, try drawing it in. Making a drawing of your room and using the design rules above for your new Sanibel home will be much easier than bringing in big heavy pieces of furniture and moving them around to discover you don't like what you are seeing.

 A much easier way to work is to begin with paper and pen and move items around until you have an arrangement you really love and want to try out. It helps you to plan things more instead of just buying and placing and then discovering the room doesn't function like you want it to and that the furniture is overtaking the space. 

If you are currently searching for a home on Sanibel Island don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I am here to help you find the Sanibel Island home you are dreaming of within an affordable price range. Contact me anytime about all of Sanibel real estate.

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