Tips for Buying a Sanibel Island Vacation Home

Tips for Buying a Sanibel Island Vacation HomeWho doesn't sit in a cold climate during the winter dreaming about a warm sunny destination? About the ability to just take off in a matter of minutes and be at a home away from home on an island oasis. Who wouldn't love the ability to just hop in the car or book a plane ticket and have a second home waiting for them in a tropical destination?

Buying a vacation home on an island like Sanibel is many people's ultimate dream. But before purchasing a second home on an island there are some things to consider. Living on an island is quite different from traditional landlocked locations. A tropical island such as Sanibel offers some of the most amazing scenery and the ability to relax and enjoy it, but not everything about purchasing a home on an island is a dream. It's always good to consider all aspects before buying a home.

Get to know the island all of it

When considering purchasing a vacation property on an island many people think about their ideal home location and only that. For a majority of Sanibel vacation buyers, this is often purchasing a home on the Gulf Coast beaches. One thing people don't often consider is that because of that very reason these properties come with the highest price tag. Buyers often don't realize that there may be a hidden gem location that other people don't know about that comes with a lesser price tag or a lot more home for the money. It is a good idea to work with an experienced local agent who can help you learn about every part of the island.

Be prepared to learn a new lifestyle

Purchasing a vacation home and a destination far removed from your year-round home means that you will encounter many things you probably didn't know existed. For example the wildlife and dealing with natural weather patterns. Of course, moving to Sanibel you would be expectant of hotter temperatures and more exposure to the sun, but you may not be prepared for extreme humidity or even more extremely sized insects. These are both common factors of Florida living especially when you're surrounded by water on an island.

If you do not live in a sandy location getting used to having sand as abundant as shedding dog hair could be a new thing to get used to. Making sure that you get to know the ins and outs of particular things like no see ums can help you to decide if dealing with these differences is still worth constantly vacationing in the same spot.

Take a longer vacation there

If you are dreaming about purchasing a vacation home on Sanibel you have more than likely already been to the island. You more than likely fell in love with it not long after stepping onto the beach. But to ensure that you truly do love her as much as you think you feel it is a good idea to spend an extended amount of time on the island. You want to make sure that this is a place you will not grow tired of. Purchasing a vacation property means that you are investing in spending a considerable amount of time on the island. Make sure that the area you want to settle in has all of the vacation amenities you want to make it your true second home.

Go over your finances

With any home purchase, you want to make sure you are smartly assessing your financial situation. It is never good to overextend your spending even if you are investing in real estate which is one of the most solid investments you can make in America. You want to make sure that all of the costs of purchasing a vacation home are within your comfortable affordable budget.

In addition to paying for the vacation property itself, you want to factor in the cost of living. Often the price of goods is different in varying locations. And it is not uncommon for the price of goods to increase in island locations. You also want to factor in the cost of insuring your vacation property. Especially in a location that will require policies for hurricane coverage.

If you are considering the purchase of a vacation property in Sanibel I am here to help. I can help you find a great home away from home in Sanibel. Contact me any time with any Sanibel real estate needs.

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