Top Rated Sanibel Island Cafes

Top Rated Sanibel Island CafesThere is nothing like waking up on Sanibel Island, whether you are vacationing, or you live here full time, it is just magical to greet the day with nature, the ocean, and a friendly community. If you are a morning person you probably enjoy getting out and seeing what the island has to offer. You may be looking for a great spot to grab a cup of coffee or an amazing breakfast. Check out a list of the best cafes on Sanibel Island. 

Sanibel Island's Top Cafes

 There are so many great local businesses in Sanibel. This list of top cafes was taken from Trip Advisor ratings which relies on the ratings and reviews of people who submit their opinions to the website. The list has been updated for 2024. So here are the most popular Sanibel Cafes currently according to Trip Advisor. If you are a local or a frequent vacationer you may have a differing opinion of your favorite spot. Feel free to share your favorite in our comments, we would love to hear about it!

The Sanibel Cafe

This café has been a local comfort food staple on the island since 1984. The Sanibel Café has nicknamed itself the island's hidden gem and many people have agreed. You can find Sanibel café in the Tahitian Gardens Plaza at 2007 Periwinkle Way. The Café opens for breakfast and lunch from 7 am to 2 PM. Enjoy fresh real food made from scratch and made to order every single day. If you are in a hurry they also have a pick up to go option. Breakfast foods at the café are of course an all-time favorite and you can get breakfast all day until 2 PM.

The Lighthouse Café of Sanibel Island

The Lighthouse Cafe is listed as number two but several people would rank it as number one. The café itself claims to boldly state that they serve the world's best breakfast. Currently, the lighthouse café is closed as they have moved locations after their original building took a large hit from Hurricane Ian. The new location will be 1020 Periwinkle Way and promises to have even more space to accommodate all of the diners that are waiting to get in on the best breakfast. The Café has been on the island since 1987 and is still owned by the younger generations of the founding family. Once you have experienced breakfast you can even purchase a shirt that says you have enjoyed the world's best breakfast.

Sanibel Deli and Coffee Factory

The Sanibel Deli and Coffee Factory advertises to have the best coffee on the island. You can find the deli at 2330 Palm Ridge Road. Beyond great coffee and light breakfast bites Sanibel Deli and Coffee Factory serves award-winning pizza and other great lunch and dinner options. They also have gluten-free options. The Sanibel Deli and Coffee Factory is open from 7 am to 3 pm, Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm, and closed on Sunday. 

Check out this review on Trip Advisor dated March 10, 2024, "With so many menu options, it was hard to decide what to order, but we had a really good lunch here. There is indoor and outdoor seating available. The owner (presumably) works hard and somehow remembers what people order so he can personally deliver the food to them. This place would be worth repeat visit because of the numerous options!"

The Sanibel Bean

The Sanibel Bean also advertises to serve up the best coffee on the island. This is your chance to try them both out and see who really does have the best coffee. Sanibel Bean is located at 2240 Periwinkle Way. It is open from 7 am to 2 pm every day. Grab a great cup of coffee along with light breakfast bites, sandwiches, wraps, and salads. 

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