Two New Change Applications Approved By Sanibel Planning Commission

Two New Change Applications Approved By Sanibel Planning CommissionIf you own a home on Sanibel Island or are planning to move to the island either full or part-time, it is always good to know what is on the horizon for development changes. This helps homeowners be aware of what is happening in the community as well as be aware of what the potential for purchasing a property in a certain location is. 

Recently the Sanibel Planning Commission received two change applications that they approved. These applications came from the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation and the owners of the Old Sanibel Colored School.

Changes to the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation

The SCCF applied for a conditional use permit to bring new uses to the Puschel Preserve. This space is owned by the SCCF and is about 11 acres in size. It is a parcel of land located at 1905 Periwinkle Way near the Purdy Drive intersection. This was the area where hurricane debris was collected and stored during recovery efforts. The land owners submitted a condition use permit to allow public access to the land and add a bike rack, picnic table, water fountain, and bottle filler combo, and solar phone charging station. 

The northern five acres is a compacted shell trail and SCCF has plans to add a sculpture garden, observation platform, and pollinator garden. There is a paved driveway apron at the site now this will be removed to make way for newly planted native ground cover to limit the access point to pedestrians and bicyclists only. The SCCF CEO has assured the committee and the public that no events will be held in this new public space. The site will be maintained weekly. The trail will be strictly a walking path.

Plans for the Old Sanibel Colored School

The second application filed and accepted by the committee was for the Historic Sanibel Colored School located at 520 Tarpon Bay Road, This used to be the Lily and Co Jewelers. The school owners proposed repairs and alterations to the building. The application was for the committee to determine if these planned changes to the exterior were consistent with the historic character of the school building. The change application was submitted by the contractors that plan to complete the work on behalf of the building owner Tarpon LLC. 

At the February meeting of the Historical Preservation Committee, the plans were shared and approved as they were found to be within the Sanibel Code for the preservation and upkeep of historic buildings. There was a request for additional research on the roof replacement to determine what type of metal roof the building should have. No info was found on the original roofing of the building through historian Eugene Gavin or through old photos. The oldest photo found was from 1964 which only shows a metal roof. The decision was made to allow for a seam metal roof. The plans will bring the building back to its original features of the building and allow for extra safety with an added door. There will be new HVAC condensers. This is not a huge major overhaul but more work to restore and maintain this historic gem on the island and restore some original attributes of the building. 

So, Sanibel will soon have a new outdoor space to enjoy in the form of a walking trail and sculpture garden with a new stopping point for cyclists at the SCCF Puschel Preserve site and the historic building that was once the Sanibel Colored School is making improvements that will keep the building structurally sound and safe for years to come. 

Sanibel is a beautiful island with a great group of dedicated residents who help ensure that Sanibel stays an island full of natural beauty, holds on to the treasures of the past, and continues to move forward and improve the quality of life for all creatures including humans and native wildlife on the islands. 

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