What is Just Right Sizing? Is It a Good Strategy for Purchasing a Sanibel Home?

What is Just Right Sizing? Is It a Good Strategy for Purchasing a Sanibel Home?Buying a home over the last few years on Sanibel has presented quite the challenge. To some buyers, it has felt almost impossible. And some have given up on their homebuying plans altogether. A perfect storm of rising interest rates, very low inventory for sale, and increasing home prices have resulted in Sanibel buyers needing to find a new strategy for home buying.

One of those newer strategies is just right sizing. It's a strategy of looking at what you truly need in your next home and applying those ultimate must-have deal breakers to purchasing your next home.

How the Just-Right Sizing Strategy Works

Just-right sizing is the theory of finding a home that truly meets your needs and letting go of those lofty dream goals just for now. This could lead you to either downsizing or upsizing your home depending on your current lifestyle. It is about finding a property that will fit you best in your current lifestyle needs. Depending upon the people living in your home and how you use your home list me and up any realization that you could downsize or it might mean that you need a larger home.

It is a realization process rather than a dreaming process. Instead of finding that home with the large entertaining space that you might use once or twice a year, it is finding a home with ample living room space for you to be cozy and comfortable in. It's a strategy of focusing on what you truly need instead of what might be nice to have.

Why the just-right sizing strategy could be beneficial


One of the biggest challenges to purchasing a home currently is fitting a home purchase within a buyer's budget. Using a just right sizing homebuying strategy for your next Sanibel home helps you to find a home that you truly need instead of one you are dreaming about to help you find a home that you truly feel is worth purchasing.

Many times this means that you shift your home search to properties that may be smaller than what you were originally dreaming. This can then help to bring your budget into a more affordable range for you. Not only will it save you on the overall purchase cost of the home it can also save on other costs including maintenance and home insurance. It could also save on property tax costs as well.

Easier to take care of

Purchasing a just-right size home in Sanibel means that you are utilizing every area of the home regularly. There's no extra space that goes underutilized. This means no extra space to clean. It can be hard to find motivation to take care of something that does not get used often or is rarely seen. There is more willingness to take care of spaces that get continuous use. Having extra space that is not often used can feel like a burden when you have lived in the home for a while and get into a comfortable routine. That extra large yard where you had dreams of a vegetable garden? Will it actually be gardened? Do you have the time? Or will it end up as an unattended corner of the yard that no one wants to hang out in? 

If you have a smaller home and need more space it can allow you enough room to spread out and not be on top of other family members in the home or sitting among piles of stuff that is needed but feels like it is closing in on you. Too little space can be stressful as well. Some people feel the pressure to downsize, but they end up downsizing a bit too much. 

Eliminates Buyers Remorse

Taking some time to strategically and very carefully think out what you need in a new Sanibel home will allow you to eliminate the likelihood of buyer's remorse with your home. Many buyers saw themselves in this predicament during the pandemic when interest rates were super low and several buyers were fighting over the same home. Purchasing in a hurry a home they liked when they first saw it, but once they got in the home and settled in they discovered the property wasn't working for them because they purchased in haste without really taking time to think about what they truly needed in a home. 

Making sure you are buying just the right amount of home for what you need in life drastically reduces the probability of regretting your purchase.

If you are looking for a home in Sanibel, I can help. I am here to talk about your home-buying goals and talk about what you need and want in your next home. I will listen to you and work in your best interests. Contact me any time with any Sanibel real estate needs. 

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