What is So Special About Sanibel Island?

What is So Special About Sanibel Island?There are a significant number of coastal islands all around the state of Florida. Every island has its unique attributes. One of the most popular and widely recognized coastal islands in Florida is Sanibel Island. The island is not just popular in Florida, it is popular in the United States (especially among people who live on the East Coast) and around the world. For those who have not experienced the island or are considering a home purchase here, they may wonder what is truly special about it that so many people fall in love with it so quickly. Let's take a look at what brings people back to Sanibel Island for yearly vacations and to live permanently. 

What is So Special About Sanibel Island?

A Little About Sanibel Island

Of all of Florida's coastal islands, there is just something special and unique about Sanibel Island. Sanibel encompasses nearly 15 miles in length and is 5 miles wide. This might not seem like enough land mass to make an impact and become a notable spot on the map, but this small island is packed with beauty, activities, and unique traits you will not find anywhere else. The island is full of rich and intriguing history that some say includes pirates, the nature is protected and preserved but there are still several modern amenities, and the warmth and hospitality of the people are intriguing. 

Sanibel is probably most recognized for its amazing beaches. Sanibel runs from east to west and provides the perfect mix of Gulf tides. These tides wash over 250 types of seashells onto the shores. Sanibel is recognized as the shelling capital of the world. Take a trip to the Sanibel Island Shell Museum and discover just how unique the beaches strewn with fascinating shells are. It is the first and only museum of its kind in the country. The Sanibel Stoop is a famous phrase coined from the position people are constantly bent over in to pick up a shell. A group of island shell hunters once broke a world record recorded by Guinness World Records while performing the Sanibel Stoop.

Most Popular Activities on Sanibel Island 

Sanibel is a perfect blend of naturally unspoiled lands and smartly planned development. Sanibel offers all of the modern amenities someone would expect to make them comfortable on vacation or for the daily necessities and errands of everyday life. Outside of the never-ending enjoyment of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Sanibel full-time and part-time residents enjoy:

Visit the Wildlife Refuge

The best way to see local wildlife and relax in the beauty of the island is to head to the wildlife refuge. If you are interested in learning more about the natural surroundings of Sanibel check in with the refuge staff, they offer great educational classes. 

Check out the Farmers Market

The Sanibel Island Farmers Market is a popular spot to enjoy the freshest produce and local goods. While you are shopping you can grab a nicely prepared meal. Breakfast at the food truck is a hit. 

Historical Museum and Village

The Historical Museum and Village is a series of expertly preserved and restored original buildings on Sanibel from 1896 to 1927. The village hosts live presentations and several exhibits, some of which include original photographs. The village also hosts community events. 

Grab a Book at the Library

The library is a great place to grab a good read for hanging out on the beach. The staff is great and can easily recommend a good read. Check out movies and music as well. Kids love the free programs including crafts and storeytime and visiting special guests. 

Play Golf

The island is small, but it has a handful of great golf courses in the most beautiful settings. If you live on the island you can purchase a home just steps from these great courses and enjoy a game any time you want. 

Take a Bike Ride

Sanibel has miles and miles of bike paths and bike-friendly roadways. Biking is one of the most popular modes of transportation on the island. Some islanders prefer to get around on a bike instead of using a car. Sanibel has been named a top bike-friendly city several times. 

Book a Private Boat Tour

The are countless ways to book a private boat tour and several different focus activities once you get on a boat. You could go dolphin watching, you could learn how to catch large fish in deep waters, or you could simply set sail just to watch the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. 

Why Purchase a Home on Sanibel? 

Sanibel Island has several year-round residents as well as a large number of part-time residents. Owning a home in Sanibel allows you to experience this coastal Florida paradise as often as you like. Frequently visiting or living on the island is a dream lifestyle for those who can't get enough of the beach, and the beaches of Sanibel are truly unique. 

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