What is Summer Like on Sanibel Island?

What is Summer Like on Sanibel Island?If you are considering a move to Sanibel Island you might wonder what it is like to spend the summers here. While Sanibel Island is a big tourist destination and has a significant population of part-time residents, it is not jam-packed during the summer. The population does grow at certain times of the year, but it really is never actually crowded here. The peak season for Sanibel visitors is actually December through April when the weather is cold and treacherous in the northeastern states. Summer on Sanibel is a bit quieter (not too quiet) but relaxed and amazing. 

What to Enjoy in Summer on Sanibel Island


The beaches are the main attraction on Sanibel Island all year long. If you enjoy an active lifestyle and getting outside, Sanibel is definitely the place for you. The summer does bring some high temperatures, but the water is always great. You will find that the beaches quiet down in the summer, unlike other areas of Florida. We tend to think people flock to the beach because school is out, but on Sanibel, the cool morning hours of summer are a perfect time to enjoy the best beaches in the world. 


When you are surrounded by water, boating is a given. If you don't own a boat no problem. There are plenty of opportunities to charter a boat or head out with a friend. You may find you love it so much that you start to consider purchasing one yourself. Sanibel has countless great spots to enjoy boating from the Intracoastal side of the island to the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. If you really love being on the water Sanibel is a great launching point for larger boating adventures into Mexico, the Caribbean, and beyond. Just make sure you are checking the weather before you take off on a longer journey. 


Enjoy many different areas to fish from on Sanibel. Whether you prefer a small lake or the deep sea adventure of a really big catch. If you don't know how to fish there are many experts out here waiting to teach you. It's a great way to meet people on the island. 


Sanibel is not hugely commercial, but it does have some fun shopping centers. A fun fact about Sanibel, it is the original launching place of the Chicos brand clothing store. The businesses on Sanibel are local and charming. They offer the best-relaxed atmosphere to enjoy some retail therapy. 

Community Center

The Sanibel Island community center always has plenty to do. It is a hub of various different activities from art to exercise. Enjoy the fun Summer Showcase in May and June where you can experience the art of local artists from the area on display. You may even find something to purchase for your Sanibel Island home. It's a great place to get a feel for the people and culture of Sanibel. An awesome place to volunteer and get involved.

Hidden Gems

Sanibel and Captiva Islands are full of hidden gems that only the regulars know about. Stay long enough and you will learn about the spots the locals love. As you explore Sanibel Island, we encourage you to take a trip northwest to the end and across the water to Captiva. It is the smaller sister island of Sanibel, with hidden treasures of its own, like award-winning restaurants. 


Sanibel has a great system of bike trails and bike-friendly roads. Sanibel has been named one of the best bike-friendly locations in Florida and in the country. If you enjoy getting around on a cycle there is no better spot to do it in. 

Sanibel Island is a great place to be during the summer. The vibe is relaxed and amazing. Sanibel is amazing the entire year. If you are considering a move to Sanibel Island, I am here to help. Contact me any time with any Sanibel real estate needs. Whether you are looking for a full-time dream home or a part-time home away from home. I am here to help you buy or sell Sanibel and Captiva properties.

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