What is the Weather Like in December on Sanibel?

What is the Weather Like in December on Sanibel?If you are planning a move to Sanibel Island from someplace further away you are probably wondering what to expect from the weather year-round. If you are planning a move before the end of the year you probably are wondering what you can expect to encounter as far as the weather goes through the holiday season and what holiday weather typically looks like on Sanibel as you plan your move.

Many people say that the best time to visit Sanibel is from December to April as the weather becomes more moderate and mild during this time of year. But with this shift in the weather, you also see an increase in the population of the island as many people from colder areas come in. People who live on the islands part-time come down to enjoy their second home. You will also find an influx of people visiting the islands to enjoy what we believe is truly paradise and escape the cold winter chill of their hometowns.

Sanibel's December 2023 Weather Forecast

December in Sanibel means the coolest weather conditions you will see throughout the year on the island. This year December will bring the lowest temperatures of the year paired with the shortest hours of daylight. There is also mild rainfall predicted. December shows an average temperature of 73.9°F making it very enjoyable for a wide range of people whether you live in colder climates or are used to warm temperatures this is right in the middle and easily enjoyable by a majority of people. Temperatures should only drop to lows of the mid-60s with an average low temperature of 64.2°. The humidity will be at a level of 77%.

On average in December rainfall is about 9 1/2 days out of the month with about 1.57 inches of rain throughout the month. This is also great news as Florida is a pretty rainy location especially during the late spring and into the summer through the early fall. Though the daylight hours are shorter it is much easier to enjoy outdoor spaces so you can take advantage of every sunshiney hour of the day with comfort.

What the Water Will be Like

One of the biggest draws to Sanibel is spending time on the amazing beaches and taking some time to enjoy the water. In December the average water temperature is 70.2°F which is seen as fairly chilly for those who live here year around. You may find that this is a fairly pleasant temperature but do be aware that this is an average and the water can get much colder. It is not uncommon for the water to reach somewhere in the 50° range.

December's UV Index

It is important to know the strength of the UV rays coming from the sun during December to help you be aware of the potential for damaging sun exposure to your skin. The average daily maximum UV index is six. By traditional measurements, a UV index reading of 6 to 7 shows a significant concern to health with unprotected exposure to the sun. It's best to implement preventative steps to keep yourself safe from sun exposure and distress to the eyes. The most powerful UV rays are from 10 AM to 4 PM it is best to make sure you have plenty of sun protection and search out shady spots as well as wear a mineral-based sunscreen to keep your skin safe. Sunglasses of course are always recommended to shield your eyes from harmful rays.

Sanibel is quite pleasant beginning in December and through April. If you are planning a move to Sanibel before the end of the year you have picked a great time to get acquainted with the island. If you have any questions about available Sanibel real estate don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I am here to make your transition to Sanibel as stress-free as possible.

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