What Part of Sanibel Island is the Best to Buy a Home?

What Part of Sanibel Island is the Best to Buy a Home?All of Sanibel Island is a dream destination. It is a highly popular island to purchase both primary homes and secondary vacation homes. While the island is a relatively small island (as compared to others) on the southwest barrier of Florida, it does have distinct neighborhoods and communities, the main three geographical areas are the East End, the West End, and Mid-Island.

With Sanibel having no bad areas, how can you decide what is the best area to buy a home on the island? Here is a look into the three main areas of the island that can help you decide which might be your personal favorite for purchasing a Sanibel Island home.

About the Three Main Areas of Sanibel Island

The West End

The west end is of course located on the geographical west end of Sanibel Island. It is the island furthest from the causeway giving access to the mainland and closest to Captiva Island. The west end does take a bit longer to reach as you get on Sanibel Island but it also has some of the quietest beaches and neighborhoods. This is the portion of the island that is home to the world-famous Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.  The west end is a great option to unwind in an unspoiled natural setting and a quieter atmosphere.

The west end also offers more opportunities for waterfront properties with quiet lakefront properties and canal-front properties in addition to beachfront homes. Blind Pass offers canal-front properties in one of the most desirable areas. One of the most notable housing communities on the west end is the Sanctuary Golf Club.

Mid island

Mid-island is the entire portion of Sanabel from bay to ocean coasts that is nestled between either end. Mid Island is the location of a majority of Sanibel's businesses and activities and is great for anyone that is hoping to find a Sanibel Island home that is incredibly close or even within walking distance from Sanibel Island hotspots. The majority of the commerce on Sanibel is located along Periwinkle Way which is the main thorofare right in the center of the island that takes you from one end to the other.

In mid-island, you will find some beachfront condos and single-family home communities. Some of the most desirable neighborhoods in mid-island are Gumbo Limbo and the Gulfside Place Condos.

The East End

This is the first portion of the island everyone comes to as they cross over the Sanibel Island Causeway. It is home to the iconic and historic lighthouse as well as the public fishing pier and a great public beach. The east end of the island holds a majority of the residential properties on Sanibel.

There is a good percentage of properties that are right along the canal system on the east end that offer the benefit of direct boating access into the Gulf of Mexico. Full-time residents find the east end to be beneficial for living with its quick access to job opportunities off the island. It is also a popular place for young families that live on the island full-time as public schools are also off the island.

There's a good mix of property types to choose from on the east end with it having the largest number of properties. Some of the most desirable housing communities include the Dunes Golf and Tennis Club and the Sundial.

If you would like more specific information about individual neighborhoods in any of these areas of Sanibel Island we are happy to answer all of your questions. We also have a great Sanibel Island community page to tell you a little about each housing community on the island.

For more information on Sanibel Island real estate or Captiva real estate please contact us anytime.

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