Where do People Who Live on Sanibel Island Work?

Where do People Who Live on Sanibel Island Work?Sanibel Island is located off the southwest coast of Florida, closest to Fort Myers Florida. It is a well-known island and consistently recognized as one of the most popular of Florida's islands, especially to vacation for many people living in the northeast and southeast portions of the United States. It is not uncommon to find many people who live in these areas who have fun memories of utilizing days off from school to head down to the island for a nostalgic family trip.

Though the island is usually popular with visitors it also has a substantial amount of year-round residents. According to data from 2021 the population of Sanibel island was 6.44 thousand people. Some of them discovered the island through a vacation visit and instantly fell in love then relocated here. If you are contemplating relocating to Sanibel island full-time and living the dream island lifestyle you may have some questions about how people carry on with daily life activities living in a small island paradise. One of those big questions might be, "What do people do for work when they live on the island full-time?"

The Largest Employers in Southwest Florida

Being that Sanibel Island is relatively small, a significant number of people living on Sanibel Island full-time do commute off the island into the mainland of southwest Florida for work. Depending upon where you live on Sanibel Island you can get to mainland Florida in anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. This makes for an easy commute. So it should be noted that as work is being completed on the causeway traffic is a little more congested during peak travel times. That being said let's have a look at Southwest Florida's mainland top employers.

Lee Health/Lee Memorial Health System

Lee Health is the largest healthcare system in southwest Florida and also the largest employer in the area. There are more than 100 locations for medical services through the system providing all types of medical services to Lee County and throughout Southwest Florida. There are four acute care hospitals in the system including Lee Memorial Hospital, Health Park Medical Center, Gulf Coast Medical Center, and Cape Coral Hospital. There are two specialty hospitals within the healthcare system as well and they include Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida and the Rehabilitation Hospital.

Lee County School District

Lee County School District is the ninth largest public school system in the state of Florida serving 95,000 students through 120 traditional and charter schools. The public school district employs over 13,500 people. Lee County Schools are highly regarded and the public school on Sanibel is under the supervision of the Lee County School District.

Lee County Local Government

The third largest employer in the area is government services for Lee County. Lee County was founded in 1887 and has been one of the premier employers in the Southwest Florida community since its foundation. There's a wide range of employment opportunities with 32 departments and over 9000 employees.

Largest Employers on Sanibel Island

Though a good number of Sanibel Island full-time residents commute to neighboring areas for job opportunities the island offers some job opportunities of its own. The biggest employment sectors for jobs on Sanibel Island are the retail trade, real estate, rentals and leasing, and scientific and technical services. There are also jobs within other sectors including the City of Sanibel government services and other trades like construction or self-employment.

Sanibel is a unique island with a great mix of job opportunities for anyone hoping to stay on the island full-time and not commute across the water. Many Sanibel residents have carved a name for themselves in the business world by starting up their own enterprises. Some Sanibel residents own their own restaurants or a boutique store. Some Sanibel residents offer trade work under their own company name such as handyman and construction services. Some Sanibel residents have begun their own real estate agency.

These entrepreneurial spirits that have made Sanibel Island their home also employ their Sanibel Island neighbors. Many local businesses have created jobs for several Sanibel Island residents. There are also jobs to be found at the amazing resort properties all over the islands. The wildlife refuge provides employment for nature lovers as well as several other nonprofits that provide environmental education like Sanibel Sea School. Speaking of school, the Sanibel School, the only public school on the islands, does offer great employment opportunities for the finest educators in southwest Florida.

If you are considering relocating to Sanibel Island and wondering if there is good job opportunity the answer is yes. Both on the island and across the water Sanibel residents find job opportunities that sustain their lifestyle in this dream destination year-round.

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