Affiliation & Partners

Promoting real estate is a complex process. Getting the best price is about bringing you the right buyers for your home. This is achieved by taking advantage of our powerful network of industry connections and affiliations. From the broker relationships we nurture in and outside of our local market, to leading marketing and relocation companies throughout the world, we strive to partner with the most successful professionals in the industry to sell your property quickly and effectively.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™
The largest global network of premier locally branded companies That specialize in luxury real estate, with representation in 25 countries and over $400 Billion in U.S. luxury home sales in 2007.

Luxury Portfolio Fine Property Collection™
A collection of the finest luxury real estate, luxury properties and luxury homes for sale in the world. The companies that make up Luxury Portfolio represent more million-dollar-plus luxury homes and luxury homes for sale than any other single real estate organization. Properties are often showcased in some of the world’s finest publications including Departures, Veranda, and Town & Country.

DuPont Registry
Leads the luxury marketplace community with a strong brand name and exceptional service. The magazine distribution includes regular subscribers in all 50 states and 54 countries while the online marketing campaign boasts over 29 million hits a month.
Premier real estate web site showcasing the world’s luxury homes and leading luxury real estate brokers.

Real Estate Book
Parent company Network Communications, Inc. is the largest national publisher of local printed and online magazines for the real estate market. compliments the print publications with over 10 million unique visitors, while their distribution partners add over 45 million monthly online viewers.
An exclusive service of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ real estate network and is a community research tool for information about cities, neighborhoods, zip codes, etc.